Schaffhauser Fasnacht

This is a short post about a Carnival we went to, this year. It is called the Swiss Carnival or the “Fasnacht“. Over 200 carnivals take place throughout Switzerland in the week after Ash Wednesday, and most of the action is concentrated around the City Centers. The carnival is a fascinating mix of party atmosphere, vivid costumes, stirring … More Schaffhauser Fasnacht


It was a beautiful sunny weekend; We decided to drive to Lindau on our motorboat. Lindau is a major town and an island on the eastern side of Lake Constance, bordered by Austria and Switzerland. We reached Lindau at noon. We decided not to dock the boat at the main harbor (which is usually occupied … More Lindau

Munot Ball

The Munot is a 16th century Roundel (circular fortification) at the center of the Swiss city of Schaffhausen. It is an undisputed landmark of the city. No other city in Switzerland has constructed a building of comparable beauty and magnanimity. History goes like this- After Schaffhausen became a part of the Old Swiss Confederacy in … More Munot Ball