5 Things we are grateful for…

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”William Arthur Ward

In these crazy, dark times, we don’t want to ever take our blessings for granted. There are many things we are grateful for in our lives. Some are big but most are small. We wanted to record a few here…

I (Manasa) am grateful for-

1. Health – of myself and my loved ones. We’ve all come to the realization that there’s no great blessing than good health. It’s very important to treat our bodies with respect and not take them for granted or abuse them till they give up on us.

2. Home- I was always a homebody, but these covid times have made me appreciate our home even more. We are enjoying spending time with the kids on our terrace, surrounded by pots and pots of plants and shaded by Teak, Neem and Coconut trees.

3. Work – My work as a playschool teacher is keeping me busy and creative. I make a lot of videos and worksheets for my babies . Who knew I had it in me to navigate through the nuts and bolts of technology! 🙂

4. Books- My friends tell me they give up on books when the going gets tough, but I can’t imagine my life without books, especially when times are hard. I need a good book as much as or maybe more than good food. Reading keeps me sane and I’m thankful for being able to get my hands on good books.

5. Blogging – Even though we are not very consistent when it comes to our blog, I’m glad we are recording all these memories whenever we can. It makes me so happy when one of our kids is enjoying reading a post.


Situation is much better in Switzerland. We get the chance to visit places around, eat at restaurants and hang out by the lakes. Luckily, we did not have to be in quarantine for a long period like many other countries and for that I am really grateful. Along with getting to spend time with my family, I am grateful for:

1. Working from home: I am glad that our company has given me the opportunity to work from home. I have realized that I can work quite efficiently here. I can take small breaks in between to eat or drink something and I can take calls without any stress..

2. Kindle: I have finished reading almost 25 books this year. Thanks to Kindle, I am able to buy and read books within seconds. Though I love reading actual physical books, the delivery times have increased due to COVID and waiting for them makes me go crazy especially when I don`t have a book to read.

3. Microsoft Teams/ Skype… : Thanks to the latest technology, I am able to connect with my family (at least) virtually. I cannot imagine how the situation was for the people in the past who could not access internet.

4. Summer: It is quite beautiful here now with nice and hot temperatures. We are able to spend time on our boat, swim in the lakes and keep our toddler busy and tired.

5. Longer weekends: As I work partially and have Fridays off, I am able to spend more time with Neel, go shopping or just relax at home.


Weekly update #3

Last week was more about being reflective than active. Instead of spending time writing about my present, I dug the archives of this blog to seek out past posts I like. I’m doing  that as part of an email-based course I’m learning called Spark . The instructor, Kam, suggested making a list of my 10 favorite posts and examine why they stand out in order to rekindle my passion for blogging. Here are a few that I enjoyed reading:

1. Durango (part 1)

2. Durango (part 2)

3. Durango (part 3)

4. A weekend Hike

5. I hate the heat

6. Blogging despite opposition

7. What a mess!

8. Lesson # 2

9. A festival to remember and reflect.

10. Greetings!

As I read some of my old posts I was flooded with a wave of nostalgia. Reading about our travels made me yearn for a get-away. Looking at the pictures of my girl during her toddler-hood drove away the complacent thought that I have all the time in the world. I don’t. My kids are growing so fast!

Also, reading some of those posts made me realize I wasn’t such a bad writer after all and perfectly capable of coming up with good content for my blog. I’m enjoying the exercise. I hope you enjoy reading some of the above posts.

Last week, when things were going downhill for me, I also reflected on my blessings and listed all the things I’m grateful for in my life. Here goes-

I’m grateful for

1. being able to stay close to family, yet get away into my own cozy den when I pine for privacy and serenity.

2. a couple of playful, energetic kids that keep my days busy and merry and also my waistline at a minimal size.

3. Prasad, my sister and my parents who read my ramblings here and encourage me to do more of it!

4. My Samsung tablet that is light enough to carry around everywhere. I get most of my reading done on Kindle.

5. Medha’s education which has blessed me with a new purpose in life.

6. an opportunity to reside in India, my own country, where my everyday experiences are pushing and pulling my growth in new directions.

7. the amount of time I’m spending with my kids. I feel blessed to watch them blossom.

8. Evernote, an app, that lets me plan my day and organize my goals and thoughts.

9. a lush Mango and Jackfruit season.

10. a beautiful home and a densely green and secluded neighborhood.

Habitually reflecting on my blessings helps me get past the tiny discomforts that gnaw at my peace of mind.

What are you grateful for today?