A day in my life – with my 5 month old

6 am – Our cute little alarm clock woke us up to let us know that he was hungry. After his feed, Mike prepared hot cups of coffee for us and while he played with our little sunshine, I enjoyed watching them.

7:30 am – As Neel took a quick nap, I expressed some milk for his night feed. As I will be starting work soon, I have started to slowly feed Neel with a bottle (It is much harder than I thought it would be as he prefers milk from the direct source rather than the bottle).

8:30 am – After having my muesli, we fed Neel his food. It was Apple puree. Its not his favorite but he had no other choice!! 😛


9:30 am – As it was a Tuesday, Neel and I visited the Family center in Winterthur. On Tuesdays they have Baby group sessions called “Baby Krabbelgruppe”. While Neel played, I enjoyed chatting with my friend who comes there with her kids.

Neel trying to chew his feet while playing in the Family center

11:30 am – After I left the center, I walked around the city, while Neel slept in his stroller. I still had some holiday shopping left to do which I could finally complete.

14:30 pm – I took the train back home after a nice Subway meal.

16:00 pm – As Neel played on his mat after his nap, I started preparing our dinner.


16:45 pm – The little one got bored and started to fuss around. I had to sit close to him while I kneaded the dough for the naan I was preparing.


17:00 pm – The little one started to cry his lungs out so I had to take him with me into the kitchen while I cooked. (The things we mothers do!!)


18:30 pm – After our dinner, I gave Neel his massage and his father gave him a bath.

19:30 pm – Neel and I read a bit from his Winnie – the – Pooh book,. When he started hitting the book with his hands, I knew it was time to sleep. While I fed him his milk, we prayed and thanked God for everything we have and finally put him to sleep.



A Day in my Life

This is an account of a day in my life right now.

It is something to look back upon down the lane, when I’m older. I already had so much fun going through this older post and that. 

So, here goes:

6 am – Woke up to find that Prasad had already left for work. He was going out of town very early in the morning and didn’t want to disturb my sleep. There was a big pot of tea waiting for me. As it boiled, I got Medha’s boxes of fruits and nuts ready for school. She was going to collect her corrected answer scripts. Sipping my Ginger Chai I made a list of things to do and wrote in my daily journal.

7:30 am – Got Medha ready, fed her some breakfast and left for school. We walked. After dropping her off, Madhav and I went to the market to buy some veggies and to meet my friend, Sila.

8:30 am – Had my second cup of tea. Don’t know if it was the walking or the caffeine, but my mood simply lifted and I felt ready to tackle Medha’s closet. It needed reorganizing. But before that, I had to have some breakfast. Madhav and I ate dosas while watching PawPatrol (The story of my life!)

9 am – Madhav practised addition while I controlled the urge to check my phone for Whatsapp messages every few minutes.

9:30 am – It had been long since I spoke with my grandma. So I called her up and inquired  after her and others in Mangalore.

10:30 am – Finished editing and publishing our blog post for Monday.

Cleaned cobwebs around the house with my domestic help. Started cleaning Medha’s Closet.

12 pm – Brought Medha back home. She was so glad that the year was over and that the next school year she’ll have new friends. This girl loves change!

Went through her answer papers. She scored well in Hindi which was a shocker and less in Math and English- a bummer!

They ate lunch and so did I – Rice with Gujarati Dal and Cabbage curry.

3 pm – Finally finished cleaning Medha’s cupboard. I got rid of a lot of books, clothes and accessories. It looks light and clean now.

Took a nap to recover from the exhaustion.

3:30 pm – Prepared Lemongrass tea and a stuffing for Cabbage Paratha.

I sat and drank my tea and read “The Paris Wife”. When Madhav woke up, at 4, we both read from his phonics reader.

4:30 pm – Kids ate the parathas I prepared and we left for their Taekwondo lessons. After dropping them I went to Sila’s home, where the whole Jena clan was happily going through Omm’s papers. He’d scored well. As much as I felt happy for them, I felt a knot over Medha’s score. I had to remind myself that it wasn’t fair to compare her score with her friend’s. He was in a smaller class after all. Plus, Medha had worked so hard. And that’s what matters, right? “Give your best and leave the rest”

Sila and I went to a parlor. I needed to look presentable for our trip to Goa!

6:30 pm – It was time to pick the kids up from their class. Sir complained a bit about Medha crying over every little thing, which I attributed to the kids being too pampered at home.

Ate Dinner and finished jotting down the things we did. Prepared some green tea and settled down to a night of reading and resting….

– Manasa.

Day in the life

Last year I participated in Ali Edwards’ “Week in the life” project and had fun documenting the small and big things that happened during a particular week. I’m hoping to take part in it once again this year. On a smaller scale I will be recording a day in our lives every month, in pictures and a bit of journaling. Another fun way of honoring the everyday moments.

I’m a morning person. I love to be up before the Sun, get a bit of reading and writing done before the kids wake up. But lately I have been waking up late, thanks to this Blogathon. In order to have a post up before the clock strikes 12 at night, I’ve been working after the kids go to sleep.

So I woke up late yesterday. Along with the kids. It was nice in a way… I snuggled, talked and played with them before we, reluctantly, got off the bed.

Ever since Prasad bought the new carpet at the Exhibition, the kids have been wanting to sit, play and jump upon it all the time.



I’m not very fond of carpets, especially when there are kids around. Spills and stains drive me crazy and I don’t rest until I get rid of them. So you can imagine what I’ve been doing most of the time when we are home!

By the way, does the carpet even go with the rest of the stuff in our living room? It will take me a while to get used to it. Until then Prasad has to bear (in silence!) my complaints against it, AND HIM!



It was a beautiful morning with just a hint of cold. The warm weather in the midst of an unusually cold season kept us outside most of the day. The kids played together with their bubble- guns for a while.




And then Madhav resorted to his usual game of digging mud while Medha played “dress-up” (Hobo?)



P1100151For breakfast we ate Chapathis with my favorite Muthia Bhaji which my mother-in-law is an expert at preparing. I love the variety of textures offered by the ingredients that go into the dish like deep-fried Methi balls, potatoes, beans and eggplants. Don’t worry, I will learn that recipe from her and post it soon.

P1100148Later, I taught a couple of kids from our neighborhood along with Medha, a bit of Maths and a lot of English.

P1100164Then we attended a New Year’s Party organized by our community members.

There was a lot of Dance with a bit of Drama thrown in. The kids and I had a gala time listening to some of our favorite dance numbers and swaying to the music.


This one was about Inter-caste marriages in India.


Kuchipudi dance by this young girl enthralled us.


Medha was happy to meet her friends.


She told me she loved the “tuition” dance by her buddy! (Probably “fusion”, who knows! But she felt shy as she mentioned this to me!)

P1100194And before long, Madhav began looking around for the nearest EXIT!

We reached home at 10:30 pm, which means I worked late into the night on my post ONCE AGAIN!!!





Day in the Life

Last year I participated in Ali Edwards’ “Week in the life” project and had fun documenting the small and big things that happened during a particular week. I’m hoping to take part in it once again this year. On a smaller scale I will be recording a day in our lives every month, in pictures and a bit of journaling. Another fun way of honoring the everyday moments.

October 17th didn’t start off well. Madhav was sick and clingy.


About 6ml of Crocin and a spoon of Pippalyasava later, he began moving around by himself and played with his colored markers (Thank you Madhi for your gift, even though it hardly serves the purpose it was intended to!). He himself came up with a new game with those markers; he tops his tiny fingers with their caps!P1090020

Not sure whether the English medicine or the Ayurvedic did the magic, but in no time Madhav became his usual, chirpy self.


As he played, I read “The Firestarter Sessions” for L&R Book Club on my Samsung tablet and jotted down copious amount of notes, right on my tablet. Love LOVE my Samsung Note 8.0 tablet! I think you know that by now!P1090026

After his breakfast, Madhav napped. Prasad and I headed out to the temple. We try to visit the beautiful Hanuman temple every Friday. (Benefits of living with our in-laws in India: We can visit temples whenever we want plus we can leave the kids with the in-laws and enjoy a ride on Prasad’s Royal Enfield, just the 2 of us!)


P1090013At the temple, all I could think of and pray for was my friend, whom I met (online) after a very long time.

Then it was time for me to work on a post. My friend, Seema wanted my opinion on E-reading Vs. Reading from printed books. Books- a topic I’m so passionate about; A line or two would not do justice to her query, I felt. As I wrote my reply I was in a flow and couldn’t stop myself. It felt post-worthy. After a lot of tweaking, I published it.

P1090018(Can you spot the crack on my laptop screen? I bet you can! That happened because Madhav pushed it off the table!)

Then it was time to pick Medha up from school. P1090029I was on a high after having posted in my blog, so I cooked a rich Vegatable Biryani with a side of Capsicum Salan.


I believe if I’m Happy, I can make everyone else happy!

As usual, we headed to the park in the evening, where the kids had an awesome time playing and I passed time chatting with the other moms.





Day in the Life

Last year I participated in Ali Edwards’ “Week in the life” project and had fun documenting the small and big things that happened during a particular week. I’m hoping to take part in it once again this year. On a smaller scale I will be recording a day in our lives every month, in pictures and a bit of journaling. Another fun way of honoring the everyday moments.

On the 17th of September I woke up early to wish Prasad a Happy Birthday (Actually I was woken up by Madhav who wasn’t in the mood to go back to sleep after 4 (yes 4!) in the morning). After a cup of Tea and a bit of reading (Harry Potter, of course), it was time to wake Medha up and get her ready for school.

P1080641After dropping her off, Prasad and I went out for a nice, long walk in our neighborhood, pushing Madhav in his stroller.

I always make sure I carry his breakfast along on our walks, that way I can get Madhav to eat while he is busy watching the dogs and other walkers. He was pretty buoyant,…


P1080650his dad made him wear his sweaty shirt. He didn’t like it, OBVIOUSLY! He looked like Dobby (an elf) from the Harry Potter series and probably smelled like him too!

Then I made a pledge to write everyday, even if it is for just a half hour. I always promise myself to put in a bit of daily writing. For a while I do keep up my promise, but then I fizzle out, resorting to just reading. Reading doesn’t take much effort, does it?

P1080652As I wrote away I kept Madhav busy by offering him a bag of colored markers. He got BUSY, separating the caps from the markers and lining them up.

P1080653He played and played and played while I wrote and wrote and wrote, until he was too sleepy to play anymore. It was time for me to pick Medha up from school. At school her teachers told me she did well in her EVS (Environmental Studies) test; I was glad to hear that.

It began raining. I love it when it does. The whole neighborhood takes on a darker shade of green. Even my kids love the rain. Medha spent the afternoon collecting the rain water in her play-vessels, while I cooked something special for the birthday boy.


We had him cut the Fruit and Black Currant Ice-cream cake from IBACO in the evening. Madhav was too excited and kept making faces at me. I was busy focusing the lens on him a tad too much that I sang “Happy Birthday dear Madhav” instead! AWKWARD!

P1080669As I write this post I realize we need a bigger, better table to celebrate our birthdays. This make-shift cake-cutting table looks horrible!

Then it was time to visit the temple. Apparently my husband and Lord Krishna shared their Birthdays this year. We participated in a procession carrying the idol of the god through the streets and sang hymns in his praise. I, no doubt, clicked away a number of pictures.

P1080679There was music and dance,

P1080691colorful flowers, curious children and blissed-out devotees. We felt thrilled to be part of the proceedings.


P1080700As I walked around I felt glad to be back in India. At peace with the choice we made to relocate from the US, difficult though the decision was to make. I don’t think we’d ever be able to give our kids a better and valuable gift than our rich, colorful culture.

We rounded up a day of Big and little joys by eating Paneer Fried Rice and Baby Corn Manchurian with gravy that I’d prepared earlier in the day with great care and love for you-know-who (Not Lord Voldemort, silly!)!