Granny Crochet Table Cover

Mixing different colors of yarn has always been my style of crocheting. To me, Crochet is all about colors and that too vibrant Spring kind of colors, which really brighten up any room for any occasion.

For my next crochet project, I decided to make a Granny Crochet Table Cover.  I thought of using up some of the yarn I’d purchased at one of the shops in Salzburg (Oh! A review of our visit to Salzburg is due, next week maybe?). “Bravo Originals” is the name of the brand and they cost me just Eur 1.00 per 50 g! I bought balls of yarn in pink, blue (light and dark), green, red and yellow colors.


 I used a crochet needle of size 3.5mm for this project and followed this pattern.

It took me almost a month to finish this project! (You really don`t need that much time, but I had some lazy days in between!)

Once I completed the squares, I placed them in the order I wanted before joining them. I hand-stitched the squares together.


I felt too lazy to give it a border as shown in the website. And my sister suggested making pom poms all around the edges. Now what in the world is a Pom Pom in crocheting?? I have no idea!


So I decided to keep it as it is for now. I LOVE it! I hope you do too… 🙂



Tablecloth – a Crochet Project

You probably know that I love crocheting! (If you don’t, just go ahead and read this or this).  So it’s no surprise that when my mom asked me if I could make a tablecloth for her, I gladly agreed. She wanted a rectangular one with a smaller width, like a table-runner. It had to be 30 by 150 cm in size.
I had some difficulty finding a pattern, but I finally found one on this website.
Tablecloth- a Crochet Project 2
For this project, I used 3 balls of 50 g cotton yarn in pink and a 3.25 mm crochet hook. The pattern is a bit complicated and it took me some time and a lot of googling to understand critical patterns like cluster, 3-treble crochet cluster, 4-treble crochet cluster, picot and triple picot. But once I understood the pattern, it got easier. You can mix different colors of yarn as well. Maybe I will try doing that next time.
Once you make this tablecloth, just iron it by placing another cloth over it. This makes the crochet cotton stiffer. It took me about 3 weeks to complete this (an hour of crocheting everyday, not more, to avoid physical pain). It was a total stress-buster! And I enjoyed working on it on our long boat-rides.
Tablecloth detail
Do try making it and if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask me.
Happy making!