I was feeling overwhelmed by what lay ahead of me- cooking, journaling, blogging, getting Medha ready for school, exercise and cleaning. Even the fun things like journaling my kids’ activities felt gargantuan a task.  My head was exploding; I was carrying a heavy sack across my shoulders; A lump was blocking my throat making it … More Sleep

Picture #4

I’m glad I always carry my Panasonic DSLR camera wherever I go. Otherwise I would’ve missed an opportunity to capture this image of Madhav engrossed in watching his own video.

Ginger Tea

Every morning the smell of ginger boiling in water along with tea-leaves and freshly-ground pepper, beckons me to the kitchen. I find my husband hunched over the tea-pot brewing tea. Each time I take a sip I find myself telling him how delicious it is and how hard it is to imagine my life without … More Ginger Tea

Picture #2

I returned to this painting after a quick chore. Madhav is probably wondering what big sister is upto next.