Celebrating America in India- July 4th Thoughts and Activities with kids.

This blog began its journey in a quiet city called Tucson in Arizona, known for its majestic Saguaro Cacti and dramatic Sunsets. I lived there for 5 years, my husband even longer. Life as a newly married woman and then as a young mom, in a different culture was hard. I had no job, my … More Celebrating America in India- July 4th Thoughts and Activities with kids.

I still miss…

It has almost been a year since we left the US, but I still miss… Walking down aisles between book-shelves at our local library, picking a random book and leafing through its pages rich with illustrations, checking out piles of books (but never finishing most!) because it didn’t cost a thing to do so but … More I still miss…

Moving back home

We just relocated to India from the United States. After a couple of years honeymooning and a few more years spent juggling parenthood in Tucson, we are back home. It was a big move that took years to plan and later execute. When one of us was sure of going back the other wasn’t ready. … More Moving back home

Hawaii part 3

At the mountain town of Hilo on Hawaii’s Big Island we visited a couple of breathtaking waterfalls called Rainbow falls and Akaka falls. Rainbow Falls (not sure why it is called so) was pretty. More than the falls itself the climb up a set of steps for a view of the water from above was … More Hawaii part 3

Hawaii part 2

(Continued from last post) One bout of snorkeling experience at the Two-step beach had not satisfied Prasad. He wanted more. The awesome part about snorkeling in Hawaii is it is free (if you own a gear, but even if you don’t, it can be rented for a pittance at stores by the beaches) and it … More Hawaii part 2


“Aloha!” is the most common word of greeting or farewell in Hawaii. The Insight guide describes it as a composite of 2 words- “Alo” meaning “to face” and “ha” meaning “the breath of life”. To me, a vacation in Hawaii, nicknamed “the Aloha State”, felt akin to facing the breath of life! After a long, … More Hawaii