Summer and the City

This book (written by Candace Bushnell) was the perfect pick-me-up I needed this sweaty, sweltering summer after the giddy excitement of my sister’s Wedding. It made me zoom through chores and kids’ story-time so that I could curl up and read (“Why are YOU reading for so long?”, my daughter kept accusing me as I … More Summer and the City

Reading Emma

“Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich…”, begins the novel “Emma” by Jane Austen. Emma is all that and so much more. She is spoilt, headstrong and manipulative. She is meddlesome, often involving herself in the matrimonial business of others, but considering herself above and beyond matrimony. “Emma” is the story of a girl who evolves … More Reading Emma

Weekly update #2

Medha’s first day of school We were so excited for Medha on her first day of school. I couldn’t stop clicking her pictures and all of us got ready to drop her. The whole campus buzzed with excitement. The ceiling was covered in balloons; Soothing music played in the background; People dressed in costumes greeted … More Weekly update #2