Manasa & Madhurya

Manasa & Madhurya
Madhurya & Manasa


A mom of 2, living in a quiet corner of South India in a not-so-quiet big family. I’m a morning person, a planner, a life-long learner. Discipline is my middle name. Reading (& watching) rom-coms and writing morning pages are my absolute favorite things to do. I also enjoy sipping chai, taking long walks in our neighborhood,  chatting with my family and friends, playing card games with my kids, watching  TV series with my husband and exploring the length and breadth of India.


Living in the beautiful country Switzerland with my Swiss husband Mike and our kids Neel and Nyra. I am a Sales Engineer working in Switzerland since 2014. I love reading murder mysteries, crocheting, diy crafting and travelling. I am a woman on a mission to learn to ski in winter and swim in summer. When I am not travelling with my family, I am constantly checking for ideas on places to visit and planning the trips. 


We are 2 sisters, based in Switzerland and India, living our days with our families, juggling work and household and trying to make the most of everyday. THESE FLEETING DAYS is all about capturing the moments that make up our lives.

Here we record our travels and other things we do as family and gently nudge you to do the same.

We are MOMS, so there will be a lot about Motherhood and the tools we have learnt to use, some after many trials and errors.

We believe CREATIVITY can be nurtured and not just inborn. You will see us trying (& sometimes failing) at all sorts of creative projects.

This is a platform where we encourage our readers to enjoy the simple pleasures, to live their best lives under any circumstance, to keep learning, to keep growing and to keep sharing. After all, these things make up the stories of our lives and every story needs to be heard, no matter how imperfect they are….

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