Summer in Switzerland- Things we do as a Family

Summer in Switzerland- Things we do as a Family

Summer is the best time in Switzerland. After the freezing cold days of Winter and rains in April/ May, people eagerly wait for summer to begin which is usually in the month of June. All the ski stuff, winter jackets, wraps and cardigans are put inside the closets and the summer shorts, floral dresses and swimsuits are taken out. As the number of sunny days are short here and intermittently composed of rain, we take every sunny day very seriously and make sure to enjoy every bit of it.

Usually our summer days are filled with:

  • Taking long walks around our neighborhood

Our house is surrounded by a lot of vegetable farms, berry fields, vineyards and forests. There are designated stroller-friendly paths for the public to take walks or cycle around. This is one of the best ways to let kids witness how the farmers grow the vegetation and the tools and equipment they use.

  • Hiking the mountains

You get to enjoy the real beauty of Switzerland when you explore it on foot. There are many mountains and trails to hike in Switzerland. We always look for child-friendly hikes which can be easily done by kids. 

  • Biking

Thanks to my e-bike, I am able to bike around a lot with my kids in tow. Switzerland is one of those countries with really good biking paths. Read about some biking trips we made in the past here.

  • Swimming in the lake

Switzerland is home to over 1500 stunning lakes. On a sunny day, you can find lots of people sunbathing on the lakeshore or swimming in the lakes or in Neel’s case, finding special stones and throwing them into the water!

  • Boating

When Mike is not working and we know that it is going to be hot and nice, we spend the day on the boat. When I was pregnant with Nyra and was nauseous and couldn’t go boating, Mike would take Neel with him and they would spend the whole day together. Now Neel knows where everything is on the boat and he is the co-captain!

  • Pool parties at home

Get an inflatable pool, fill it with water and kids are happy no matter what age. When my friends bring their kids, I prepare some lemonade and snacks and we all get to enjoy a pool party at home. 

  • Berry picking

A lot of berry-field owners in Switzerland keep their fields open for the public to pick and buy the berries during summer. You can pick strawberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Picking berries with kids is fun and a lot cheaper than buying them in the supermarket.

  • Make homemade popsicles

With all the berries we pick and the produce from our local farm, we make delicious popsicles at home. So good to relish when it’s so hot!!

  • Bbq with friends

On sunny days, we mostly bbq at home. This is also a fun way to spend time with friends!

With less time in the kitchen and more fun outside, it is the best way to enjoy summer with your loved ones!!

This is how we make the most of our limited sunny days. How about you? Do you have any suggestion? We would love to know!

– Madhurya.

14 responses to “Summer in Switzerland- Things we do as a Family”

  1. Pleased to see some beautiful sceneries of your hometown(?).
    Throwing stones into the water in the lake during childhood is a universal phenomenon. Even my grandson Atharva did the same at our place, Uppoor, recently.
    Hope you all, there, are O.K. Blessings to all of you there.

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  2. Proud parents. The way in which you grow them , shape them. The way in which you give the children mother nature experience is wonderful. Children learn more in nature.

    All the best & congratulations to you all.


  3. Really very happy for you both and very interesting blog enjoyed reading contents and medha really growing fast and multi talented girl and feels Neil is very caring brother 😘 congratulations to you both manasa and madhurya


  4. Lovely photos and summer activities! Whereabouts in Switzerland do you live? Looks far away from any city. We toured it in 2015 and I always wanted to go back.


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