A Day in my Life

This is an account of a day in my life right now.

It is something to look back upon down the lane, when I’m older. I already had so much fun going through this older post and that. 

So, here goes:

6 am – Woke up to find that Prasad had already left for work. He was going out of town very early in the morning and didn’t want to disturb my sleep. There was a big pot of tea waiting for me. As it boiled, I got Medha’s boxes of fruits and nuts ready for school. She was going to collect her corrected answer scripts. Sipping my Ginger Chai I made a list of things to do and wrote in my daily journal.

7:30 am – Got Medha ready, fed her some breakfast and left for school. We walked. After dropping her off, Madhav and I went to the market to buy some veggies and to meet my friend, Sila.

8:30 am – Had my second cup of tea. Don’t know if it was the walking or the caffeine, but my mood simply lifted and I felt ready to tackle Medha’s closet. It needed reorganizing. But before that, I had to have some breakfast. Madhav and I ate dosas while watching PawPatrol (The story of my life!)

9 am – Madhav practised addition while I controlled the urge to check my phone for Whatsapp messages every few minutes.

9:30 am – It had been long since I spoke with my grandma. So I called her up and inquired  after her and others in Mangalore.

10:30 am – Finished editing and publishing our blog post for Monday.

Cleaned cobwebs around the house with my domestic help. Started cleaning Medha’s Closet.

12 pm – Brought Medha back home. She was so glad that the year was over and that the next school year she’ll have new friends. This girl loves change!

Went through her answer papers. She scored well in Hindi which was a shocker and less in Math and English- a bummer!

They ate lunch and so did I – Rice with Gujarati Dal and Cabbage curry.

3 pm – Finally finished cleaning Medha’s cupboard. I got rid of a lot of books, clothes and accessories. It looks light and clean now.

Took a nap to recover from the exhaustion.

3:30 pm – Prepared Lemongrass tea and a stuffing for Cabbage Paratha.

I sat and drank my tea and read “The Paris Wife”. When Madhav woke up, at 4, we both read from his phonics reader.

4:30 pm – Kids ate the parathas I prepared and we left for their Taekwondo lessons. After dropping them I went to Sila’s home, where the whole Jena clan was happily going through Omm’s papers. He’d scored well. As much as I felt happy for them, I felt a knot over Medha’s score. I had to remind myself that it wasn’t fair to compare her score with her friend’s. He was in a smaller class after all. Plus, Medha had worked so hard. And that’s what matters, right? “Give your best and leave the rest”

Sila and I went to a parlor. I needed to look presentable for our trip to Goa!

6:30 pm – It was time to pick the kids up from their class. Sir complained a bit about Medha crying over every little thing, which I attributed to the kids being too pampered at home.

Ate Dinner and finished jotting down the things we did. Prepared some green tea and settled down to a night of reading and resting….

– Manasa.

3 thoughts on “A Day in my Life

  1. I felt as if I was having my hot coffee with a bag of my favorite munchies sitting outside the window watching and feeling the breeze rocking the leaves. Felt so refreshing.
    Thanks Manu


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