A day in my life – with my 5 month old

6 am – Our cute little alarm clock woke us up to let us know that he was hungry. After his feed, Mike prepared hot cups of coffee for us and while he played with our little sunshine, I enjoyed watching them.

7:30 am – As Neel took a quick nap, I expressed some milk for his night feed. As I will be starting work soon, I have started to slowly feed Neel with a bottle (It is much harder than I thought it would be as he prefers milk from the direct source rather than the bottle).

8:30 am – After having my muesli, we fed Neel his food. It was Apple puree. Its not his favorite but he had no other choice!! 😛


9:30 am – As it was a Tuesday, Neel and I visited the Family center in Winterthur. On Tuesdays they have Baby group sessions called “Baby Krabbelgruppe”. While Neel played, I enjoyed chatting with my friend who comes there with her kids.

Neel trying to chew his feet while playing in the Family center

11:30 am – After I left the center, I walked around the city, while Neel slept in his stroller. I still had some holiday shopping left to do which I could finally complete.

14:30 pm – I took the train back home after a nice Subway meal.

16:00 pm – As Neel played on his mat after his nap, I started preparing our dinner.


16:45 pm – The little one got bored and started to fuss around. I had to sit close to him while I kneaded the dough for the naan I was preparing.


17:00 pm – The little one started to cry his lungs out so I had to take him with me into the kitchen while I cooked. (The things we mothers do!!)


18:30 pm – After our dinner, I gave Neel his massage and his father gave him a bath.

19:30 pm – Neel and I read a bit from his Winnie – the – Pooh book,. When he started hitting the book with his hands, I knew it was time to sleep. While I fed him his milk, we prayed and thanked God for everything we have and finally put him to sleep.



I want my days to be filled with…


more joy, less regret

more peace, less negativity

more gratitude, less taking everything for granted

more love, less bitterness

more compassion, less prejudice

more reading, less attached to my digital devices

more writing, less thinking about it

more deep-diving, less drifting

more laughter, less anger

more giving, less holding back

more forgiveness, less nursing grudges

more natural products, less chemicals

more walking, less driving

more relaxing, less puttering about

more doing things that matter, less procrastinating

more curiosity, less being nosy

more discovering new places and cultures, less sight-seeing

more making dreams come true, less being realistic

more passionate living, less existing

more learning, less worrying about grades or applying what’s been learnt

more childlike wonder, enthusiasm and abandon, less ‘trying to act my age’

more meaningful conversations, less gossip

more investing in experiences and things that matter, less shopping

more sharing stories and thoughts, less publishing another post

more action, less focusing on the ‘fruits’ or the fruitlessness of my actions

more ME, less trying to be someone else

more making today the best day ever, less planning for an unknown future





Tenerife, a Canary Island

Canary Islands in Spain are the best places to visit between October and March if you don’t want too much crowd and if you are looking for pleasant temperatures between 20 and 25 deg C. We have already been to Mallorca and Gran Canaria, so this time we decided to visit Tenerife for a week. Tenerife, also known as the Volcanic island is the largest and the most populous of Canary Islands.

The 4 hour flight to Tenerife was uneventful. Neel slept off during the flight. Everyone suggested I feed him or give him a pacifier during take off and landing but he seemed to be fine without them. We found out that we were allowed to carry a stroller and car seat for Neel, so we did not have to book another one while renting a car. It is highly recommended to rent a strong motorized vehicle as the island is very hilly. Our Rental car was a BMW 116d rented from Hertz.

Day 1

Ride through El Teide to Puerto de la Cruz

El Teide (Pico del Teide) is not just the highest mountain in Canary Islands but, at a height of 3718 m, the highest in all of Spain. It is an active volcano. The drive from our AirBnB in Las Galettas to the mountains was breathtaking and picturesque. We drove up to the car park in El Teide which is almost at 2200 m height. We made sure to drive slowly and carefully, as it is not recommended to take the baby to such heights. We made stops in between to check on Neel. From the car park, tourists can take a 10 minute cable lift to the top (27€ per person/return). From the top there is an amazing view of the island. (We did not make this trip because of Neel). A lot of hiking paths are also indicated.

From there we drove on towards Puerto de la Cruz. After lunch we walked around the city and the sea promenade while enjoying ice cream.

Day 2

Drive through West coast of Tenerife

The next day we drove around Santiago del Teide, Parque del Drago, Los Silos, Masca, Garachico, the lighthouse at the Punta de Teno and back to las Gallettas to our apartment. It was one of the best drives we took on this island. We passed many tiny beautiful towns and villages. One of them was Masca. We had to drive through many winding roads and hairpin bends to get there. Unfortunately, the village was crowded with tourists and no parking was available and so we could not stop and walk around the village.

Day 3


We met our friends from Switzerland who were staying in one of the hotels in Adeje. Located in the South-western part of the island, Adeje is a famous tourist spot with beaches, hotels and malls. We ate amazing lunch at a restaurant called Limoncello by the beach.

Day 4

Loro Parque (Spanish for “Parrot Park”)

Loro Parque is a zoo in Puerto de la Cruz. Since its inception in 1972, Loro Parque has created the most diverse genetic reserve of parrots that exists in the world, attaining more than 4,000 specimens of 350 different species and subspecies. Along with these parrots, Loro Parque is home to many other birds and animals including Penguins, flamingos, swans, cranes, chimpanzees, gorillas, lions, tigers, killer whales, dolphins, to name a few. There are some interesting shows like dolphin shows, parrot shows, orca show. We spent one whole day at the zoo. Neel enjoyed watching the animals and the birds. Entry fee costs 35 Euro for adults and 24 Euro for children between 6 and 11. Free entry for children under 6 years old.

For an additional 11 Euros per person, we enjoyed Discovery tour where a tour guide took us around the zoo explaining about the animals and their habitats and also took us inside some of the animal enclosures to show how they are fed and taken care of. If you are in Tenerife, do visit this zoo. It is totally worth it!

Day 5

Playa de las Americas

It is a popular holiday spot in the Southwestern part of Tenerife and features bars, nightclubs, restaurants and beaches. We took a walk along the coast enjoying lovely warm weather. We ended up eating burgers at Hard rock café.

Day 6

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes is a resort town in the Santiago del Teide municipality on the west coast of the island. It is one of the most attractive natural wonders on Tenerife. The town is protected by impressive rock cliffs up to 800 m high. Taking a walk around is the best way to explore this beautiful town.

Day 7

El Medano / Flight Home

On our last day in Tenerife, we drove to El Médano, on the south east coast of Tenerife very close to the south airport. The town is very popular with windsurfers.


As we had heard a lot of good reviews about Airbnb, we decided to give it a try. This was our apartment in Tenerife.

Located in a small village called Las Galletas, our apartment had 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. All the amenities like TV, fridge, washing machine and air conditioning were available. They even had a crib for the baby. In the vicinity of the apartment there were cafes, supermarkets, pharmacy and various other shops. The owners Luca and Alina made sure that we were comfortable and happy with the place.

Right next to our apartment we found a small bakery called Café Del Pan that offered nice varieties of croissant, coffee and freshly pressed orange juice for very reasonable prices. This was our daily breakfast joint. Also, just few minutes’ walk from our apartment, we found one of the best Indian restaurants called Bobby’s 2 Indian Tandoori Restaurant.

Las Galletas has a small beach of black volcanic sand and rocks. The sea front promenade is lined with restaurants and cafe bars where you can relax in the sun overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Things we carried for our baby

As it was our first trip with the little one, we made sure to carry everything that Neel liked and felt comfortable with. From the soft toys, the mobile he loves, we even took the swing he likes to sleep on (though we did not use it as he slept in the crib). Extra diapers, clothes, thermometer, oils and all his medicines. It is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to take sun screen and some shawls or swaddling cloths to cover the stroller from the sun.



A Day in my Life

This is an account of a day in my life right now.

It is something to look back upon down the lane, when I’m older. I already had so much fun going through this older post and that. 

So, here goes:

6 am – Woke up to find that Prasad had already left for work. He was going out of town very early in the morning and didn’t want to disturb my sleep. There was a big pot of tea waiting for me. As it boiled, I got Medha’s boxes of fruits and nuts ready for school. She was going to collect her corrected answer scripts. Sipping my Ginger Chai I made a list of things to do and wrote in my daily journal.

7:30 am – Got Medha ready, fed her some breakfast and left for school. We walked. After dropping her off, Madhav and I went to the market to buy some veggies and to meet my friend, Sila.

8:30 am – Had my second cup of tea. Don’t know if it was the walking or the caffeine, but my mood simply lifted and I felt ready to tackle Medha’s closet. It needed reorganizing. But before that, I had to have some breakfast. Madhav and I ate dosas while watching PawPatrol (The story of my life!)

9 am – Madhav practised addition while I controlled the urge to check my phone for Whatsapp messages every few minutes.

9:30 am – It had been long since I spoke with my grandma. So I called her up and inquired  after her and others in Mangalore.

10:30 am – Finished editing and publishing our blog post for Monday.

Cleaned cobwebs around the house with my domestic help. Started cleaning Medha’s Closet.

12 pm – Brought Medha back home. She was so glad that the year was over and that the next school year she’ll have new friends. This girl loves change!

Went through her answer papers. She scored well in Hindi which was a shocker and less in Math and English- a bummer!

They ate lunch and so did I – Rice with Gujarati Dal and Cabbage curry.

3 pm – Finally finished cleaning Medha’s cupboard. I got rid of a lot of books, clothes and accessories. It looks light and clean now.

Took a nap to recover from the exhaustion.

3:30 pm – Prepared Lemongrass tea and a stuffing for Cabbage Paratha.

I sat and drank my tea and read “The Paris Wife”. When Madhav woke up, at 4, we both read from his phonics reader.

4:30 pm – Kids ate the parathas I prepared and we left for their Taekwondo lessons. After dropping them I went to Sila’s home, where the whole Jena clan was happily going through Omm’s papers. He’d scored well. As much as I felt happy for them, I felt a knot over Medha’s score. I had to remind myself that it wasn’t fair to compare her score with her friend’s. He was in a smaller class after all. Plus, Medha had worked so hard. And that’s what matters, right? “Give your best and leave the rest”

Sila and I went to a parlor. I needed to look presentable for our trip to Goa!

6:30 pm – It was time to pick the kids up from their class. Sir complained a bit about Medha crying over every little thing, which I attributed to the kids being too pampered at home.

Ate Dinner and finished jotting down the things we did. Prepared some green tea and settled down to a night of reading and resting….

– Manasa.