30 Things to do in my 30th year

Hello everybody! Sorry, we haven’t posted anything in a long time. Manasa and I have been procrastinating. I was busy carrying a baby and giving birth to him. And my sister was busy with her kids’ school, tests and travels. We are slowly getting back though…

It’s a new year and a new beginning. As I’m going to turn 30 this year, instead of moping about getting old, I decided to embrace it and make it a fun year, just like my sister did, a while ago.

So these are my new year/ 30th year resolutions.

  1. Go on a trip to one of my favorite destinations. (location will be updated once we plan)
  2. Write at least 2 posts per month
  3. Write about my experience during pregnancy and now motherhood
  4. Start a moms’ group here
  5. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
  6. Control my negative thoughts everyday
  7. Organize a family reunion celebration
  8. Learn to swim (Seriously!!)
  9. Meditate/ do yoga everyday
  10. Learn the art of forgiving and forgetting
  11. Invite friends and family often for a meal
  12. Limit the amount of time spent on mobile to a maximum of 1 hour
  13. Teach more Kannada to Mike
  14. Talk more often in German
  15. Write letters  to Medha & Madhav once every 2 weeks
  16. Read a story to Neel everyday
  17. Set up a routine before joining work and stick to it
  18. Organize girls’ outing every month
  19. Take another diving class
  20. Take a walk everyday with Mike and Neel
  21. Volunteer for a good cause
  22. Take a challenging hike
  23. Help Mike achieve his dream
  24. Finish Neel’s 1 year photo album
  25. Encourage Manasa to finally start writing her book
  26. Wake up looking forward to my first day back at work
  27. Purge all the items not necessary and not going to be used anymore
  28. Take a road trip with no planning/booking
  29. Show Kundapur (my birthplace) to Mike and Neel
  30. Spend next Christmas and New year in a warm country

14 responses to “30 Things to do in my 30th year”

  1. Interesting blog I came across… Following you girls… And waiting for more content.. Your 30/30 plan has inspired me to jot down mine.. I thank you for this wonderful thought…


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