“What we are ………….” Wednesday! (March 15, 2017)

We’d like to share what we are doing this Wednesday, hopefully, every Wednesday from hereon, as a way of documenting our Everyday Life. Hope you like reading such posts!

Here’s what Madhurya had to say:

Reading: “One Night in Italy” by Lucy Diamond.
Watching: The movie “Beauty and the Beast” this weekend. (P.S: I don`t know whether Mike is ready to watch it with me!!).
Eating: Nothing specific, but drinking lots of lemonades lately!
Making: A list of things to buy for our upcoming trip next month!
Wishing for: The days to pass quicker to see my chipmunk niece and nephew!
Learning: Some new Yoga poses lately .
Thinking: About starting another Crochet project.
Listening: To some beautiful Tamil songs.
Loving: The spring weather we are getting to enjoy here this week!
Here’s what I had to say:
Reading: “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott, a book about Writing.
Watching:  the movie “Logan” this week, hopefully.
Eating: Outside food a lot, as we’ve been attending too many ceremonies.
Making: time to make something- a Bullet journal maybe? Or a Top for myself?
Wishing for: Some more holidays!
Learning: to control the urge to check messages or mails or simply browsing my phone! Ugh!
Thinking: about how working moms do it all! I surely wouldn’t be able to manage home and outside work, given a chance.
Listening: to the fruit vendor going, “Santhra, Papeeta, Appul!!!” (Orange, Papaya, Apple) outside.
I’m going through a phase where I absolutely do not want to listen to anything on the radio- not even my favorite meditation music! I wonder why!
Loving: the feeling of satisfaction I get after cleaning up a messy room or a closet bursting with stuff.
Madhurya & Manasa.

4 responses to ““What we are ………….” Wednesday! (March 15, 2017)”

  1. I always look forward to reading what both you sisters are upto every Wednesdays!

    Manu, same pinch on the satisfaction after cleaning a messy room. Even a clean kitchen sink and counter top before going to bed gives me sound sleep 😄

    Being a working mum, I can tell you that we don’t do it all. We are always on the run and many a times have guilt pangs about not being able to do 100% justice to every role we play. But honestly, I salute non-working mums as they must have tremendous amount of patience for what they do!


  2. Thanks for your sweet comment dear! You know what, I knew you’d comment on this when I posted! 🙂 You are the one I had in mind when I mentioned the thought about how a working mom does it all! And about guilt pangs, we have our own, different kinda baggage to carry. But I see all that you do (or read the stuff you do) I’m filled with awe! So many diys and adventures you have despite being a working mother of 2! So So proud of you!!!


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