“What we are ………….” Wednesday! (February 22, 2017)

We’d like to share what we are doing this Wednesday, hopefully, every Wednesday from hereon, as a way of documenting our Everyday Life. Hope you like reading such posts!

Here’s what Madhurya had to say:

Reading: “Under a Cornish Sky”  by Liz Fenwick.
Watching: Nothing specific. Just Random comedy shows.
Eating: Pizza!!!
Making: Plans for our long weekend in March.
Wishing for: A beautiful sunny week.
Learning: To manage work and home efficiently, especially when it comes to cooking.
Thinking: That it is a wonderful life!
Listening: To all the adventures Mike had on his trip to Panama.
Loving: That the weekend is not too far!!
Here’s what I had to say:
Reading: “After the Night” by Linda Howard and enjoying the ride!
Watching: a movie tonight, any random movie, until whatever time it takes to finish it. There’s no need to get up early tomorrow as exams are finally over! YAY!
Eating: Cool Foods- mostly Cereal with lots of fruits and cold milk. Yummm!!! It’s getting so hot lately.
Making: Plans to go shopping.
Wishing for: a nice long nap in the afternoon.
Learning: to let go of things that are not on my top priority list right now.
Thinking: Of unwinding with my friends, sipping Masala Chai, while the kids have a good time with their own buddies.
Listening: To this and feeling strong and confident. The hymn invokes Goddess Shakti, calling her by different names, all the names given to girls of Indian Origin, including my name. And when I listen to this hymn, with the music given by none other than the maestro, A. R. Rahman, I feel like a Goddess myself. Now, please don’t laugh. Don’t get me wrong too. I don’t consider myself powerful or invincible or as good as the great Goddess herself. I simply am not. Period.
I just feel like we all have this Goddess within us, each one of us, who is mostly hibernating. And I think we need to nurture her, wake her up and bring her out, to shine some light on the World, Just as we chant prayers to invoke the true Goddess Shakti.
I hope this makes sense.
Loving: having long sunny days ahead with nowhere to go and nothing big to do.
Madhurya & Manasa.

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