“What we are ………….” Wednesday!

We’d like to share what we are doing this Wednesday, hopefully, every Wednesday from hereon, as a way of documenting our Everyday Life. Hope you like reading such posts!

Here’s what Madhurya had to say:

Reading: I just finished Eleanor and Park and started reading my favorite, Agatha Christie`s murder mystery “Taken at the Flood”.
Watching: the weather get better slowly, the “Big bang theory series” when i need a laugh and the pictures of my nieces and nephew.
Eating: whatever possible 🙂
Making: my next crochet project. I guess I will finish it in 2 weeks.
Wishing for: a stress-free work life.
Learning: to be more patient and relaxed. And to be thankful for what I have in my life.
Thinking: about my next visit to Dubai and meeting my entire family 🙂
Listening: to the “tap tap” of my computer keypad and the “yakety yak” of my colleagues talking.
Loving: my husband, my parents, my sis and bro, my very sweet nieces and nephew, and my life 🙂
Here’s what I had to say:
Reading:“The Woman on the Orient Express”, by Lindsay Jayne Ashford on my e-reader.
Watching: Madhav looking at his baby pictures and giggling away.
Eating: A slice of eggless Banana and Chocolate cake I baked.
Making:a list of post ideas, so I can be more consistent in posting.
Wishing for:a bit more time from our busy schedule to visit a store called, Chunari, an Indian Wear store, about which I’ve heard such good things!
Learning: more about myself with each passing day, as I’ve committed to meditating and journaling every single day.
Thinking: about how my sister and I would study all the time and our mom had to ask us to stop!
Listening: to MS Subbulakshmi’s Vishnu Sahasranamam on Gaana.com
Loving:my busy, everyday life.
Madhurya & Manasa.

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