Insel Mainau

A few weeks ago, we visited the Insel Mainau, a beautiful island off the shores of Lake Constance. Insel Mainau is small, about 45 hectares, and lies on the far south-west part of Germany, close to Switzerland and Austria. This island is called the “Flowering Island” as it is full of parks and gardens;  It is covered in flora over 150 years old!

Beautiful Gardens

On the way to the island, we stopped at my mother in law`s house to take her along with us. It is an hour-long drive from our home to the mainland of Mainau. You must park the car on the mainland and cross a small bridge to reach the island. Entry to the island costs 19Eur per person and 5Eur for parking a car.


Millions of Tulips, Rhododendrons, scented Roses, Dahlias and perennials cover the length and breadth of the island, looking like colorful carpets. People had come from all over to view this splendor, making the place a bit crowded and stuffy, but we didn’t mind. We were having a good time!

Flower power

First, we went inside the Butterfly house, shaped like a Butterfly, with its inhabitants fluttering all around.

Our next stop was the ancient Teutonic Castle, completed in the year 1746, and the Palace Church of St. Marien. These monuments with their ornate detailing were built in Baroque style of Architecture and have a lot of history behind them. The castle has now been converted into a Souvenir shop where many kinds of artifacts are sold.

Teutonic Castle

Interior of the Church

A beautiful garden surrounds the castle and from here you also get a picturesque view of Lake Constance.

Lake Constance beyond

The Grand Duke Friedrich terrace, named after the Park’s founder, Grand Duke Friedrich, is breath-taking! It is an Italian Renaissance Garden with a staircase adorned with colorful and exotic flowers and a waterfall cascading down to the lake from the top. Benches are placed at the bottom by the lake for visitors to relax and soak in some fresh air. From the terrace, visitors can also have a pleasant view of the Arboretum.

The Grand Duke Friedrich Staircase

As you walk along the shore, you enter another garden and a petting farm with animals like goats, cows, rabbits, donkeys etc. Kids seemed to be having a gala time there.

There are a few fancy restaurants and some fast-food joints too. As they were too crowded, we did not get a chance to dine. However, we had a really good time at the island!

Family time



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  1. Wowww!!!. Very enchanting place Madi . You and Mike look like the princess and the prince and Emi the fairy godmother. Totally out of this world.


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