Madhav at 3

Madhav at 3

Birthday Boy

  • is still a mama’s little boy, always following her around like a puppy. He loves each and every one of the rest of his family to pieces too, especially the men. I don’t know what’s his problem with the ladies! He still takes really really long to get attached to them!
  • loves to ape his papa, dressing up to match him, to look like him! I wonder how he is going to look when he’s actually as tall as him! I keep thinking of that often and hold tight this tiny person who won’t remain tiny forever, no matter how much his old mama wants him to.
  • isn’t a big eater! Let alone big, he is not even a moderate eater! The only thing he asks for are chapathis (still calls them “chapachi”). I comfort myself saying Medha was the same at his age. Now she’s a total foodie!
  • is imaginative, using toys and household stuff in unique ways, coming up with his own games. He still loves to build, especially trains and tracks. After the visit to Dubai, he’s been a big fan of planes too! In that way he’s a total boy through and through…..
  • But….. he is very fond of the shows big sister watches, like “Sophia the First” and “Minnie’s Bow-tique” and lets out a squeal when they play on TV! So….
  • loves his grandmas (I think!), but he absolutely adores his grandpas for reasons I can’t fathom!
  • has very few friends, maybe a couple of them and loves hanging out with his sister more than anybody.
  • can spend hours painting: he has finished quite a few of those jumbo coloring books in, sometimes, monochromatic colors or at other times, no color at all, using only water as paint!
  • is a sight to watch when he is absorbed in building or painting. I’ve never seen or met a 3 year old who concentrates so hard at his  ‘work’!
  • loves to be read. Until now I picked “cute kitten or bear” kinda books to read to him. Recently I gave “Superheroes” book a try and he absolutely loved the adventures of Batman and Superman. I need to read a variety of books to my kids!
  • is my little helper, helping me with all my projects, even stitching. This guy loves to watch me stitch and begs to be allowed to “titch” too….
  • isn’t as adventurous as his big sister, thank god! He even takes on my role in my absence, admonishing her for her mischiefs!
  • is a big hugger, passing out free hugs and kisses to us when we need them! And apologizes to me when I’m hurt even if he is not the culprit!
  • I’m telling you, he is one of the sweetest guys ever… No no…. I’m not saying this just because he’s MY baby. He IS. Just get to know him, you will see…. 🙂

Lil Monkey



5 responses to “Madhav at 3”

  1. Miss that guy and miss you all too. Had a Wonderful time with him. Whatever you wrote about him is hundred percent true


  2. Dear Manu,
    Thank you for giving a glimse of Madhav’s life at 3. Desperate to know him more, be with him and cuddle him…..
    Beautiful writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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