Scrapbooking Project with Medha

Like many people, I too click a ton of pictures, and just save them on my laptop, leave them on my phone or camera. I don’t print them out and stick them into albums like my mama would. I felt I needed to do more of that. Since I’m not too fond of traditional photo albums, I decided to make my own. The kids just adore their cousin, Shristi. I wanted to make an album of her recent visit to India and the precious moments we spent with her and my brother- and sister-in-law.

It isn’t perfect, but I had fun while making it; Working on it kind of helped me when I was feeling anxious and stressed; Plus the kids love it, especially my littlest. So what more can I ask of a project.

Another goal accomplished!



First, I cut a few cardstock papers in half, had the pictures printed,  stuck them on paper and cut out empty cereal boxes to make my book cover. A family friend suggested I could have them bound at the local printing store. I decided to go find out. Guess what,  It was way too cheap and efficient than slogging away doing all the bookbinding by myself! For a dollar, I had my stack of papers bound and that too in just a few minutes!

The only drawback to this method is that the binding comes only in white, apparently. I set to work painting it and drawing patterns on pages, to add some interest. Medha wanted to be involved, of course, and I let her doodle away. .

It could’ve been better, but I was eager to be done with it. “Done is better than good”– I kept telling myself, as I decorated the last few pages.



Is there anything I can do to make it pretty,  without breaking my purse or my back? Please share….


3 responses to “Scrapbooking Project with Medha”

  1. Good habit of keeping a scrapbook of remembrances but a hard bound album with rare photos will go a long way. Keep it going. Good Job.


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