Tablecloth – a Crochet Project

You probably know that I love crocheting! (If you don’t, just go ahead and read this or this).  So it’s no surprise that when my mom asked me if I could make a tablecloth for her, I gladly agreed. She wanted a rectangular one with a smaller width, like a table-runner. It had to be 30 by 150 cm in size.
I had some difficulty finding a pattern, but I finally found one on this website.
Tablecloth- a Crochet Project 2
For this project, I used 3 balls of 50 g cotton yarn in pink and a 3.25 mm crochet hook. The pattern is a bit complicated and it took me some time and a lot of googling to understand critical patterns like cluster, 3-treble crochet cluster, 4-treble crochet cluster, picot and triple picot. But once I understood the pattern, it got easier. You can mix different colors of yarn as well. Maybe I will try doing that next time.
Once you make this tablecloth, just iron it by placing another cloth over it. This makes the crochet cotton stiffer. It took me about 3 weeks to complete this (an hour of crocheting everyday, not more, to avoid physical pain). It was a total stress-buster! And I enjoyed working on it on our long boat-rides.
Tablecloth detail
Do try making it and if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask me.
Happy making!

4 responses to “Tablecloth – a Crochet Project”

  1. This came out really good…I want to try my hands at crochet since it was something my Nana did a lot and I wish i had learned it from her. I feel it will make me feel closer to her😊


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