A Bachelorette party

When my friend M asked me to be her bridesmaid and a witness at her civil wedding, I was thrilled! I had never been a bridesmaid before. Sadly, her parents are not going to be here for the occasion for some reason and I know how it feels to not have your loved ones beside you on your special day! I really want to be there for her!

I decided to throw a Bachelorette party for her (which I think every bride deserves!). In the west, such parties can get pretty wild. In Europe, bridesmaids make the bride go around wearing weird costumes and selling various things. I did not want to do that. I just wanted our bride to enjoy a pampered weekend.

M wanted just me and our good friend A to be her bridesmaids and so A and I sat together and planned the party. This was the checklist I prepared..

When? : We had to make sure all 3 of us had a free weekend. So we decided to have it on a Saturday morning and end the next day.

Where? : This was tricky as we had to look for a place which was convenient for us to travel, affordable and yet good in standards. After a lot of search, we zeroed in on Sihlcity in Zurich.

Sihl city

What to do? : Spend time at a spa, go to a movie, enjoy a nice lunch and dinner and stay at a good hotel overnight.

So off we went to Sihlcity,  just the 3 of us!

Sihlcity is a shopping area in Zurich. It has a wide range of restaurants, bars and cafes, a cinema, a cultural center, Health and spa centers, a hotel, a shopping mall and Service areas and townhouses.

We had our lunch at Vapiano, an Italian restaurant where you get  delicious pizzas and pastas. While we enjoyed our lunch, our bride thanked us by giving us Bridesmaid gift packages. It was lovely!

Bridesmaid gift package
Bridesmaid gift package
Vapiano lunch
Lunch at Vapiano

I had booked a room at Four Points Sheraton, which is the only hotel in Sihlcity (As there were 3 of us, I booked a 3bed-room). It was simple with all the essentials, perfect for us! After we checked in at the hotel, we enjoyed an hour of full body massage at the Asian Spa, inside the hotel (I had booked it a few days prior to our arrival); it was an hour of complete relaxation!

By the time we were done, it was 3pm. We walked around the Sihlcity mall and enjoyed a nice cup of delicious Cappuccino with brownies at a cafe.

Cappuccino and brownie
Cappuccino and brownie!

After checking the movie timings, we decided to watch “Joy”. It was running in English. The movie was all about a woman who built her own business despite the obstacles she faced. Totally an apt movie for a girl`s night out!

Hogging in the cinema
At the cinema.

With a lot of positivity we walked to Hong-Kong, an Asian restaurant with all kinds of Asian foods like Sushi, Indian, Chinese and Thai and enjoyed a nice dinner. We ended our night chitchatting and gossiping until we got tired and fell asleep.

I am so glad we did this!

Here’s to a beautiful life ahead to you, my dear friend, and many more such good times!



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