Christmas Market, Constance

Hi all! I am back after a really really long time! Things were truly hectic for me, but now that I’m here. I’ve got loads to share about –

  1. Spending time with my family, especially my sis! 🙂
  2. Traveling in India
  3. My New Year’s Resolution

and other news. But before I move on, I need to tell you about a Christmas Market we went to. I LOVE Christmas! I look forward to December the whole year, not just because of the holidays but also because of the rosy, cheerful, blessed feeling this time generates. People are busy buying gifts, planning trips to visit families, shopping for food etc., and the shops have big sales, there’s the advent calendar tradition, decorating the Christmas trees and so on… It is as if everything just becomes extra beautiful, extra special!

During this period, Christmas markets are held in different parts of Europe, where ornaments, special foods and drinks are sold; games, music and dance shows are conducted.

We decided to visit one such market in Constance.  We drove our car, but it is best to get there by train, especially during the busy season.

20151205_123059 (1)

Constance was filled with stalls right up to the harbor and sold stuff like handmade wooden utensils, candles made of honey, jewelry items, scarves and shawls, glassware etc. There were bakeries selling German and Swiss sweets like gebrannte mandeln (sugary fried almonds) and magenbrot (sweet glazed biscuits). Delicacies like raclette, fondue, sausages etc were being sold at some food stalls. And there were not just Swiss or German, but Indian, Hungarian, American, Chinese and other food stalls too.

A popular drink is sold during this time called the Glühwein (Mulled wine), made with red wine along with spices and is served hot. Sounds yummy, right? Guess what, I just didn’t like it!!!

Everyone seemed to be having a gala time despite the freezing temperatures! Me too!!! Now I can’t wait to explore the other markets!

December, Where art thou?

20151205_123950 (1)

A Very Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year from Mike and I to you, dear readers!!!



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