Rashtrapathi Nilayam- The President’s Retreat

Rashtrapathi Nilayam, in Bolarum, is one place to visit for a nice, long, refreshing walk under the canopy provided by trees;

Tree-lined paths
Tree-lined paths

to let the kids frolic on the manicured lawns while you relax, with a book, maybe, especially on a weekday when it isn’t too crowded;

Playing tag on the lawn
Playing tag on the lawn

to enjoy an afternoon nap;

Nice place to relax
Nice place to relax

to whisper sweet nothings to a loved one in a garden surrounded by Daisies, Marigolds, Bougainvillea and other colorful flowers;

Rashtrapathi Nilayam Facade
Rashtrapathi Nilayam Facade

apart from getting a peek into the place which hosts the President of India at least once a year and other visiting dignitaries to our state. It is fun to look at the rooms where the President dines, sleeps and receives guests.

A peek inside
A peek inside the building

or even to have gorgeous pictures clicked. Cameras are, surprisingly and much to my delight, allowed inside!

The building is beautifully furnished (as viewed from the windows; the general public isn’t allowed inside the building) but not too extravagant. It is single-storied, white-washed and idyllic. All emphasis seems to have been placed on the surrounding area than on the building itself. There are Herbal and Fruit Gardens, Tree-lined avenues, pristine lawns, a temple, fountain and potted plants everywhere. Light music emanating from the speakers provides the perfect background score as you stroll around.

Don’t forget to carry snacks to enjoy a picnic on one of those lawns. And please, please leave the place just as beautiful as you found it. Rashtrapathi Nilayam is open to the public once a year between the first of January to the tenth. So make haste and head to its Gate 2 to spend some quality time in one of the prettiest, well-maintained parts of our state.

Let's just stay here, Please!
Let’s just stay here, Please!

(Entry is free. Timings : 10 am to 5 pm. Open on weekdays and weekends until the 10th of January)



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