30 things to do in 2016

30 is going to be my number soon. That’s because I’ll turn 30 next year! And I feel…. nothing, actually. Not happy, not sad. It is just going to be another birthday, another year. But I love new beginnings- a new day, a new year,  a budding love,  the start of a journey of parenthood etc. And (you may be totally aware of this!) I love drawing up lists, goals and resolutions. Oh no, not again, did you say? I know I have done this before and I have failed to keep up with most goals. But this time I have a plan. I’ll tell you how I’ll tackle my list (in a different post) and post monthly updates too. So please, pretty please, bear with me and read my goals, will ya? And keep me on the right track; I know my sister will!
1. Buy a sewing machine
2. Learn basic stitches
3. Sew a summer dress/ skirt for Medha
4. Paint a wall hanging for our hall
5. Scrapbook with Medha of her cousin’s visit
6. Make a photobook with Medha’s pictures.
7. Make a photobook with Madhav’ s pictures
8. Turn the spare room into craft/reading room
9. Post before/after pictures of craft/reading room project
10. Bake a cake and decorate it with Medha
11. Throw a handmade birthday party at home for Medha and Madhav
12. Read “Big magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert
13. Read a kannada book
14. Read the photography book Prasad gifted me
15. Complete Spark ecourse
16. Complete Onward and Upward ecourse
17. Have pictures taken with my sister for the blog
18. Write thank-you letters to the most important people in my life ( I know who they are)
19. Volunteer at Madhav’s playschool
20. Write to a magazine/ newspaper.
21. Visit a National park
22. Learn to drape a saree beautifully
23. Watch a play
24. Add 10 new followers to the blog ( to make the count 90)
25. Change the blog’s “about” page
26. A weaving project with Medha
27. A plush doll with Medha
28. A garland with Medha
29. Visit a historical monument/palace with the kids
30. 365 days of journaling

Wish me luck!

Any tips to keep up with New Year’s Resolutions will be much appreciated!



5 thoughts on “30 things to do in 2016

  1. What an ambitious list.. I would love to see you complete all of them.. I am always there to help you.. I wish u a happy journey towards a wonderful year of turning 30.. All the best :-*


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