Pumpkin Lighting Show

On a Saturday evening Mike suggested we go to the Pumpkin Lighting Show in a village called Rudolfingen. What usually takes about 5 minutes by car, took us more than 20 minutes to get there. The route, the nearby field converted into a parking lot for the occasion, the village itself was packed with people. Just for a display of an assortment of carved Pumpkins? I wondered. But I was proved wrong… In a good way, that is… 🙂

The entry was about 5 CHF (approx. 5 USD) per car.

A big “WOW” was all I could utter as we entered the dark alleys of the village. There weren’t any street lights but the whole place was blazing with the bright orange light spilling from the carved pumpkins. Pumpkins… they were everywhere. Of every shape and size! Movie Stars, cartoon characters, animals, flowers and various patterns were engraved on them. More than 1000 pumpkins were lit that day. Even the most weird-looking one was carved beautifully and given its place. I kept thinking… “Every Pumpkin has its day!”

This Show was started in 1999 to generate more revenue for Rudolfingen. And has drawn in a horde of visitors and profit ever since.

Pumpkin Lighting 2Pumpkin lighting 5Pumpkin Lighting 4Pumpkin lighting 3Pumpkin lighting show

We walked from one street to the other, clicking pictures until we had covered the entire village on foot. There was so much to see! And there were restaurants and open stalls that served food and drinks too.

Hats off to the organizers and participants who put in a ton of effort, time and patience into creating these masterpieces!



Photo credits: Mike

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