A Honeymoon in Gran Canaria – Part 2

You can read Part 1 here.

After visiting the breath-taking Roque Nublo, we went to a town called Teror. Teror is a place of pilgrimage for Gran Canarians, because of the presence of a Cathedral dedicated to the Virgen del Pino (or Our Lady of the Pine), Patron Saint of Gran Canaria. We walked around the town enjoying the beautiful architecture of the Church and the homes nearby.


Mike was to go on a diving trip that day and he suggested I try the beginner’s level. I reluctantly agreed to join the ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course. I’m not a big fan of water, you see (Have I mentioned that before?!? Maybe! Yet..) !

This course takes up a day; includes a theory on diving, where the instructor gives basic instructions; conducts a test-dive in a swimming pool; and concludes the course with a 30 minute dive in the Atlantic. Mike was in the `Advanced divers` group and he left with them to the sea. I stayed back with my instructor who taught me how to use hand sign to say ‘OK’ or ‘Not OK’; how to wear the diving suit, mask, regulators, and fins; and also how he would be assisting me in the water. We got into our diving suits and equipped ourselves with the regulators. Then we walked to the pool close to the diving base. Inside the pool, the instructor showed me how to remove water from the mask when inside the ocean, how to keep my posture right while diving and so on. After the test-dive, we took a break to pace ourselves for the big plunge and then drove to the Dive-site at the El Cabron beach.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. As we got into the water, high waves rocked us to and fro, making it difficult to go deep down. We waited for them to pass and eased down slowly. Under-water visibility wasn’t good, but we did spot some beautiful fish.


It’s hard to forget such a surreal experience, but to make it even more memorable, I was awarded a certificate from the diving company on completing the course. Thanks Mike for pushing me to try something that’s totally out of my comfort zone!

On the 6th day, we drove to the towns of Arinaga and Aguimes, located in the eastern part of Gran Canaria. There wasn’t much to see or do in those places, but I loved their vibes. The towns gave me a feeling of being in Arizona, one of my most favorite places in the whole world.

We had now seen almost everything (everything important, that is) in Gran Canaria. So we decided to visit 2 of the biggest malls there, El Mirador and Las Terrazas. We window-shopped a bit, checking out the Spanish brands and other well-known International ones. At the El Mirador mall, we were happy to spot a Dunkin Donut, the American Dough-nut Company, which is sadly not available in Switzerland. We enjoyed some delicious donuts and Coffee there.

On our way back, we stopped at a theme park called Sioux City, designed to look like the American Wild West. Being huge fans of the Western genre movies, especially the ones starring Clint Eastwood, Mike and I were too excited to spend time at the park! There were replicas of homes, forge, saloon, bars, church, barn and bank from that era. We watched the enactment of a bank robbery, replete with the usual cowboys, gunfights and so on. It was Super-Fun! (Entry ticket to the Park is about 20 Euros per person).

Sioux city

We shopped for souvenirs in Mogan and a huge shopping center in Playa del Ingles, called the Yumbo Center, before bidding the island a hearty Goodbye!

Inside Sioux City

So long, Gran Canaria!


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