Mrs. Funnybones- a book review

Do you feel stressed? Bummed-out? Bored?

All the above? Or are you just looking for the next good read?

I have a suggestion for you- Just pick up Mrs. Funnybones, make yourself a nice cup of coffee and read it. I bet in no time (it took me about a couple of days, but, probably a couple of hours if you are a fast reader), you’ll perk up and find your lost cheery, giggly self back (and not just because of all that caffeine!) .

Funnybones is written by Twinkle Khanna in the form of a journal, a format I thoroughly enjoy, and shows glimpses of the life of a modern Indian woman navigating her way through marriage (to a popular Bollywood star), motherhood, other relationships (being a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a friend), career (she runs her own Design Business and sells candles) and traditions. She may be leading a life much much better than most of us, but the issues she faces everyday isn’t unlike what many of us face.

She is funny (self-deprecatingly so, when she says things like “In precisely three hours, I have to magically transform from a middle-aged, vaguely stylish woman, to an ageless goddess”, before a photo-shoot for a magazine.), smart and wise. She is so hilarious most of the time that it stumps the reader when she gets philosophical and emotional, like when writing about her children or the meaning of love. A sucker for wise words that I am, I loved the non-funny parts too…

This book not only depicts the twists and tumbles of a harried mom’s life, but also lets us peek into the household of a celebrity. I’m not a big fan of Akshay Kumar, but I like him, and I LOVE Bollywood. So, anything authentic that gives me an entry ticket into the life of an Indian star is a sure winner with me, especially if the said “ticket” is presented tastefully, in a down-to-earth manner along with a ton of humor. Be warned that it isn’t completely authentic. The author herself mentions in the foreword that she has “thrown in a few facts, a little fiction, a few decaying brain cells and a couple of old bones into my brewing cauldron of words”. That’s fine with me. Her writing more than compensates for the minor “follies”, if there are any. This is the kind of writing that makes me want to be a writer too- Capturing life at its simplest and silliest in words is what I’d love to do for the rest of my life!

I rate this book a 5 on 5 and so will my husband I’m sure, for he seemed to enjoy listening to the passages I read aloud and I practically read the entire book to him; it was too funny you see, I HAD to share… So let me share a bit with you all-

So if you find your son in love with a little Hitler in pigtails, there is not much you can do except step out of the way, go to holy places, fast on alternate Fridays and desperately pray that by some cosmic force, her father is immediately transferred to a destination so remote that even Google Maps is bewildered as to its whereabouts”.

“My body needs caffeine to lubricate all my joints into some semblance of normal function, but as I walk to the kitchen, the two children that at some mistaken point I deemed necessary for my happiness dash into me”

Liked’em? Then enough reading this review already! Dive into Mrs. Funnybones, ahem, the book, not the author herself (who goes by that name on Twitter, for all you ignorants like me).

Then don’t forget to thank me for having made you feel better by recommending this book!

Oh! Before I forget, thanks Madhurya, for your recommendation!



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