Farmhouse and Photography

I make it a point to take my camera along whenever we visit our Farmhouse. We go there almost every week, but the sights (vibrant flowers and beautiful Sunsets) and sounds (unbelievably quiet compared to the noisy city we live in) never fail to impress me. And there’s something about capturing a place through photography that shifts my perspective in so many ways – When I have my camera with me, it’s as if I’ve taken off my usual boring brown glasses and have worn a bright, magical pair instead. I begin seeing beauty and mystique in everything, even the mundane. Then, it feels like I’ve become someone else altogether, not the same old, nutty Manasa, but someone more artistic, fairy-like even.

Just as much as writing down everything that’s bothering a mind, lessens its burden; Just as much as confiding worries in a good friend helps in casting worries aside; Just as much as meditation or a long walk brings peace for a little while, I bet photography has healing powers too; It takes the focus off one’s own life and lets us zoom in on something else.  At least for me it does.

“Get over yourself and see, really SEE, the World around you. Nothing remains forever, not even the worries. So try to capture these fleeting moments as best as you can.”, whispers my camera to me. And so I click away….

These are some of the pictures I took on a few recent visits to our Farm –

… Of the produce

…. Of the Flowers

…. Of the kids having fun.

… and of all the mundane stuff that makes this life beautiful….



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