Pont Sainte Marie, France

Visiting France has been on my wishlist for a long time now. Paris, Burgundy, Nice are some of the places I would love to go see at least once in my life. Well, I’ve been bugging Mike to make travel plans; Hopefully it’ll happen soon!.

When my boss decided to have our Sales-Engineering group meeting at one of our sister companies in France, I was quite excited. I hoped my short visit would give me a better insight into the country, its people and culture.

The company we were visiting was in Pont Sainte Marie, a small town located North-East of France.

Our trip was booked for 3 days. The 15 of us, including our Boss, rented a couple of cars, while some of us drove our own vehicles. We started in the morning at around 9.30 am and reached there by 3.30 pm. Though the journey was long and tiresome, I enjoyed the conversations with my colleagues while watching the beautiful landscapes that we passed by.

Pont Sainte Marie 1

We got an introduction of the company and were taken on a tour around the workshop. Later we checked into the hotel booked for us. Hotel Logis des Sources is a 2 star hotel located just a couple of minutes away from the company. The rooms were small but tidy, suitable for business trips but not for family outings.

Our dinner was organized at a restaurant called la mignardise, about 15 minutes’ drive from our hotel. It was a Monday and on Mondays most of the restaurants are closed, but this one was specifically booked for us and so we had the whole place for ourselves!

As an aperitif we were served Orange juice, wines and special kind of Buns made of eggs. They were too good. Food was mostly fish- and meat-based, but luckily, there was good vegetarian food with aromatic sauces to satisfy my appetite.

Pont Sainte Marie 2

The whole town had that French vibe to it (obviously!) It was just as I’d always imagined how it would be- Narrow, brightly-lit roads; Cobble-stoned alleys; tiny coffee shops and and beautiful churches…. I was having a good time; If only Mike could’ve joined me on this trip…

(Continued…. A visit to a French vineyard in my next post.)



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