Day trip to Lake Caumasee

After a long and tiring week, an idea popped into my head to plan a day-trip to Lake Caumasee. I’d visited this lake with my friends last year, and had a really good time, but Mike never had, so he found this idea quite appealing. When we told our good friends M and F about our little outing, they immediately agreed to join us.

Caumasee Lake

Switzerland has a number of lakes, of which, Caumasee is one. This tiny, beautiful lake is tucked in Flims, a town in the canton of Graubünden.

It is about 175 km from our home. We left early in the morning, picked our friends in Winterthur, and began our 2 hr journey. M and F are a few of the closest friends we have here in Switzerland. We always enjoy hanging out with them, discussing topics like work, politics, family and travelling.

The entire journey to the lake was composed of luscious green fields, gigantic mountains, steep valleys and small lakes here and there. They were really beautiful! I kept clicking pictures all the way, as I wanted to capture nature at its best!!

It was about 10 am by the time we reached Caumasee; We decided to walk around the town before heading to the forest that leads to the Lake. After a short walk and a cup of coffee at a café, we took our bags (which had our swim clothes, towels, fruits, chips, my homemade cupcakes and some drinks) and started our short descent into the lake.

Around Flims

There are two ways to reach the lake, one is by walking down to a certain point and then taking the funicular to the entrance, and the other is walking all the way down through a Forest Trail. We chose the latter. It was a short 15 minute walk, that gave us stunning views of this beautiful freshwater mountain lake. It looked like a painting with shades of green and blue.

Lake Caumasee 2

During the summer (June to September), there is an entrance fee of CHF 9.50 and the rest of the year, it is free. You’ll find people swimming in the lake or playing beach volleyball, or sunbathing or simply lying on the shore, reading. One can even rent a rowing board or a pedalo to go around the lake. For dining, there is a restaurant, serving typical Swiss food, drinks and ice cream.

While the men swam around the lake, F and I stayed on the shore chatting and reading. Lying on the grass while soaking the sun was so relaxing.

I also practiced a few swimming strokes which Mike has been teaching me lately.  We had the fruits, chips and cupcakes that we’d packed for the trip and left the lake around 3 in the afternoon, when the sky began turning grey.

As we ended our day, I promised myself to visit all the beautiful places, big and small, in Switzerland with my family and good friends.



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