July Goals Revisited

 What was I thinking when I came up with goals like “Identify all the letters” and “Read a book by herself” for Medha and expected her to achieve them in a month?! I have no idea! 2 months later, we have still not accomplished all the goals. But I’m happy to have scored off a few from our list.

Here are the goals and our progress-

IMG_2164July Goals for Medha-

(Goals accomplished (fully/sort of) are in Bold)

1. Identify all the letters– Medha (now 5 years and 3 months) can identify all the letters in her best moods, but when she’s tired, “I” starts looking like “J” and “M” is written as “N” and so on…

2. Learn PhonicsSounds the Consonants (letters that are not vowels) make? yes. Of vowels? Still, a bit confused!

3. Learn addition of single digit numbers- Something’s seriously wrong with me! Why did I pick this goal when the school hasn’t started “addition” yet!?!? There’s so much Medha has to learn just to catch up with what’s going on at school; I don’t want to go near stuff that’s not yet been taught!

4. Learn Student Council Speech– Learnt it and went to the Finals but didn’t get selected to the Council.

5. Learn a PrayerShe did- Saraswathi Namasthubhyam- an ode to Saraswathi, the Goddess of Knowledge.

6. Read a book by herself- We have just began working on it. I make Medha read a book from this set with my help every night. She sounds out the smaller words while I read the 4-letter words. We’re limping along, but we’re better than before (when she absolutely didn’t want to read a book at all!).

July Goals for Madhav-

(Goals accomplished (fully/sort of) are in Bold)

1. Learn ABC songMadhav knows this and many other songs. He doesn’t hesitate when asked to sing rhymes like “Baa Baa Black Sheep” or “Five little Monkeys” or “Johnny Johnny”. This guy LOVES to sing and expects you to applaud after he does!

2. Potty-training– Done!

3. Learn ShapesHe knows a lot of shapes like Square, Circle, Triangle, Heart, Star and Oval (which he calls “egg” shape) but a triangle is his absolute favorite! Not sure why.

4. Learn Parts of a face in English- Nose and mouth are fine but ears? eyes? Confused!

5. Count from 1 to 10Madhav can count from 1 to 10. And not just up to 10, 20. And beyond 20 too, with help. This one’s big on counting!

6. Learn 5 colors- He knows Pink and Purple, thanks to his sister! He sometimes recognizes “blue” which he calls “boo”!

Medha loved ticking off a goal after accomplishing it. She always compared her list with Madhav’s to see who had more “ticks”. Even though we weren’t able to reach all of our goals, I’m proud of the progress we’ve made so far. I think I will come up with a few more in a few days…

Happy Goal-setting y’all!!!



6 thoughts on “July Goals Revisited

  1. Good way of teaching. They will learn how to keep some goals instead of trudging through life without knowing what to do. Keeping goals will help them a lot even if they have change them to suit their capabilities.


  2. Well done Medhu and Madhav….
    What a brilliant way to teach Manas; so much self directedlearning; at this age they are learning to take responsibility! Well done to you too. Awesome mom!


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