Back Again

I am feeling like a kid who is being dragged to school, kicking and crying, after a long holiday, as I type this post. It has been long since I last posted and I can’t seem to recall how I ever did this before. I wish I had someone to drag me to my table and force me to get my work done!

I make excuses when I should be posting about all the crazy and beautiful and fun things happening in my life: “My in-laws are traveling and I don’t have help”; “I have to get Medha to do her homework and prepare her for her speeches (She is only 5 by the way!) and get her ready for school and Tennis lessons”; “I have to keep up with an endless stream of questions of “What’s this?”, “What’s that?”, “What happened?” and so on from my 2 year old”; “I have to clean”; “I have to cook”. What not! I’m tired of listening to my woes!

I know what my problem is. I just find it difficult to get back into my groove after a long gap. I need to remind myself that I have done this before and If I do it regularly enough to make it a habit, I won’t have to go through this ever again…. Anyways, enough of this rambling. Let me share something exciting with you. I decided to shake things up a bit around here and invited my little sister to come on board this blog. And she accepted it! Yay!


Welcome Madhurya!

Madhurya works and lives in Switzerland with her husband Mike. They spend most of  their time biking or sailing in their own boat. Reading and Crocheting are her favorite activities (apart from chatting with me, of course!). She will be sharing her travels, projects and life in Switzerland. Switzerland! Sounds exciting, right? Plus, she will provide the much-needed kick in my pants (virtually) to get my work done. I can’t wait to share our stories with you…

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