Indian-style Veggie Burrito

We LOVE Mexican food around here; Actually we JUST LOVE FOOD around here, as you may well know by now; Eating and working-out are our favorite pastimes! Not only Prasad and mine, but my in-laws’ too. They are willing lab-rats for my kitchen experiments. I love trying new recipes that I find online or re-creating the foods we used to eat in the US, with the ingredients available here in India.

To make a dish palatable and enjoyable to my in-laws, I throw in a lot of veggies and add a spoon of Curry Powder prepared by my mother-in-law. Curry powder perks up a dish- Pasta or Fajitha, Burger or Burrito- and makes it more Indian.

A Veggie Burrito usually consists of Fried Veggies, Beans, Rice, Guacamole, Salsa, Sour Cream and Cheese. But I skipped the Guacamole part since I couldn’t get hold of a ripe Avocado.


Fried Veggies and Black Beans

I heated a spoon of Canola oil, cut a medium-sized onion into thin slices and tossed it into the pan. Not waiting for the onion slices to brown, I added other veggies like a julienned Carrot, thin slices of Capsicum and a bag of mushrooms, quartered. You can also add slices of Zucchini or half a Soy Chorizo to this like I used to in the US.

I added a can of Black beans and a cup of soaked and cooked Black-eyed peas to the veggies. A bit of sugar, a spoon of salt, a sprinkle of Oregano and a spoon of Curry powder went into the pan soon after. I didn’t wait for the Veggies to soften and turned off the heat just as they lost their rawness but were still crisp enough.



I normally use leftover rice to make the rice filling. The grains don’t stick to one another forming a mush.

I just added a bit of salt, a pinch of turmeric, a bit of red chilli powder and squeezed half a lemon into a cup of cooked rice and gently mixed them all up .



I followed this recipe to make fresh Salsa at home instead of buying a bottle from the Supermarket, like I used to. We get plenty of Tomatoes from our farm and I’m always looking to incorporate them in all the dishes I prepare.

In a pan I took oil, added 2 roughly chopped onions, about 6 chopped garlic, waited for onions to turn translucent and the garlic to lose its raw smell. Along with 4 roughly-chopped tomatoes, I added 2 green chillis and turned up the heat. I switched off the heat after the tomatoes became tender. To this mixture I added a spoon of salt and juice squeezed from half a lemon. Then I waited for it to cool. I pulsed the mixture in the mixer along with a few sprigs of Cilantro and a spoon of cumin seeds, without grinding it completely. My salsa was chunky and tangy.


I didn’t find sour cream at the store but I did have a block of Pizza cheese. I assembled the burrito by warming both sides of a Tortilla, layering it with a spoonful of the Veggie and Bean mix, Rice, Salsa and shredded cheese and folding it. I did the same with the Taco shell too, but without warming the shell.

Although a dollop of Guacamole would have made the dish a lot more creamier and richer, I hardly missed it. Varying texture and flavors within the folds of the Tortilla and the Taco kept it interesting as it is.


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