Farmhouse- This week.

An assortment of Roses are in full bloom in our garden. They have been keeping me and my camera terribly busy.




P1100264The winds are making it hard for me to keep my camera steady and click good pictures. If getting a good enough picture of a Rose swaying to the tune of a heavy wind is hard, then photographing kids, always on the move, is harder.






P1100282Good photography demands a lot of time, patience, a playful spirit and a willingness to experiment and learn from mistakes. I don’t have all of those in abundance yet, which shows in the kind of pictures I take. But I do have the perfect location in the form of our farmhouse and the perfect Models in the flowers and my kids! So I make complete use of every visit to the farmhouse to hone my photography skills.


P1100293Ripe, red Tomatoes with waxy skin (naturally, and not because of a coating of oil wax!) that tasted delicious; Bitter gourd, Brinjal, Drumstick, Spinach that looked way WAY better than the limp leaves that are found at the Super Market, were only a part of the bounty we plucked from our garden this week.




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