Things I’d rather be doing…

ThIngs I’d rather be doing right now than continue participating in the Blogathon-

1. Go to bed early, as I’ve been sleeping late, much later than usual, in order to publish a post before midnight.

2. Wake up with the rest of the family and not be the last one to, all groggy and bad-tempered, no less, due to insufficient sleep.

3. Read Emma  by Jane Austen and dream of simpler times, when people gathered for tea and cake or played whist or had endless dance parties. (And probably didn’t punish themselves, signing up for a writing challenge!)

4. Watch all the episodes of “Emma Approved” . It is the modern version of Jane Austen’s Emma. 

5. Chat with my family more often.

6. Think about worldly problems and come up with a plan to tackle at least one of them, instead of wasting all that Electro-chemical energy in the brain worrying about what to post, when to make time to post and whether it is going to be “liked” or not.

7. Read one more book to Medha, who asks me to read 3 books to her before she sleeps. I’ve been stopping after book number 2 lately, as I’m in a mad rush to get her to sleep before I blog.

8. Watch the gorgeous on-screen couple, Martin Henderson and Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, romance in the movie, Bride and Prejudice. (Thanks Maddy for suggesting the movie/musical. I’m in love with it!)

9. Read and comment on the posts written by my Blogging buddies and other bloggers I admire.

10. Take time to free-write a post, look for pictures in my folder or capture new that can go with what’s written, fine-tune the post, instead of writing something like THIS, that isn’t useful to anybody!

So, should I quit? No way! I WILL NOT!

Not yet…

7 thoughts on “Things I’d rather be doing…

  1. Dont you dare quit writing..we start our day by reading your blog daily!!
    And see the movie was cool right?? I watch it when I feel like watching a nice chick flick 😉


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