The purpose of my blog.

I’ve been blogging for more than 5 years now. I began and killed a couple of blogs before I started this one. Pretty soon I’ll be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of “These Fleeting Days” `( a tentative title until I find the right one!). This is the longest I’ve stuck around in a project even if I’ve been posting intermittently.

I didn’t have a goal in mind for any of those other blogs. I didn’t begin this one with a goal either. I didn’t make a list of key areas my blog would focus on. My only purpose was to record my daughter’s activities. Then the boundary shifted to contain all my other interests as well, like books read, places traveled, recipes tried, special moments lived and also my thoughts on writing in particular and life in general. When I felt like I had something interesting to say, like after a trip to Hawaii or after devouring a good book, I posted. When we faced a setback- a flooded house- or when I simply got busy rearing a couple of kids, I didn’t.

Whenever I read some of the niche blogs I follow, that each focus on something specific like small-business development, crafting, photography or memory-keeping, I felt inspired. But as I sat to ponder what I was really doing here and what I wished to achieve with my blog, my enthusiasm fizzled out and I ceased to post for a while. At times like these I felt like I didn’t belong in the Blogosphere.

No matter what, I never gave up, unlike what I did with the other blogs. This time I really wanted to keep at it. A few months ago, as I introduced my blog to a blogging instructor, Kam , it struck me like MAGIC. “These Fleeting Days” needn’t be a niche blog; It is a personal blog; It is MY story as I see it. And, currently, my goal for this blog is to produce good writing on a regular basis. Simple. Yet it made a huge difference to me.

This is going to be my resume when I begin applying for a job as a freelance writer.

I have no control over how many likes my posts will get, or, if any at all. I can only control what I put out here. And if I continue to post honest, interesting (to me) writing about the things I’m passionate about, Someday I’ll get noticed. Even if I don’t, who cares; I’ll still have a treasure trove of tales to share with my kids and grand-kids. Now that’s a good enough motive to keep on blogging. 🙂

4 responses to “The purpose of my blog.”

  1. When I read the first few paragraphs, my heart skipped a beat assuming that you were announcing voluntary retirement from blogging. But all was well as I reached the end of the post. Woohoo!


    • He he…. voluntary retirement, so cute! NoT anytime soon seemu! You’ve given me a reason to keep blogging by enrolling me in this marathon n by getting me introduced to other bloggers like u n me! Muah…..


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