Bakers’ Day at School

For Bakers’ Day at Medha’s school, I volunteered to teach kids the art of baking. All moms who signed up to participate were asked to bake something for the kids in front of them. I chose Veggie Pizza. I had to make enough for around 30 kids, that’s about 5 medium pizzas.

In order to spend more time talking to and teaching the kids and less time slogging at the oven, I prepared the bulk of it at home and carried a spare pizza base, sauce and toppings to demonstrate.

Amid the bustle of preparing the pizzas before 10 in the morning, I paused now and then to click pictures of the vegetables just before chopping them. I photographed Zucchini, Corn and Pineapple. I took pictures of the block of Cheese and the bottle of Sauce I used. I simply carried some ingredients like Onion, Bell Pepper and Tomato along to let the kids touch and feel them.

At school, I realized I was the only one who had been crazy to prepare a presentation for the kids on my Samsung tablet.

When the other moms donned their chef hats and worked away, I interacted with the kids,  holding my tablet aloft for the tiny ones to look at the pictures and asking them to recognize. They were too excited to keep still and kept wanting to check out my tablet instead. I was surprised at myself for not feeling self-conscious or scared to be speaking in front of an audience, even though it was made up mostly of 4 to 5 year olds (I was trembling the first time I taught kids as a volunteer for Junior Achievement!).


After the presentation, I walked around the tables where the other moms baked pizzas, cakes, brownies and cookies. My bubble of assuming that I was the only creative mom around burst when I saw some of the other moms being just as creative or maybe more.

I dropped the idea of preparing the spare pizza I had brought along and just distributed the slices I’d already prepared at home among the kids and the teachers.



The air was thick with the sweet smell of Baked goodness, even the Principal couldn’t go about her business as usual. She came to the hall where the other moms and I were having a good time over cups of tea and just-baked cookies and  grabbed a few herself. She even thanked us for taking the time to make the Baker’s Day a success.


Picture #10 (as part of picture365-a picture a day for 365 days)


That’s us! Manasa n Guruprasad… on a train we spotted at the railway station. I HAD to take a picture before we rushed to catch our train.

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