30 Days of Listing

I love journaling our everyday lives and I love making lists like goals and things-to-do, so I thought, why not participate in a challenge that incorporates both, and enrolled myself in 30 days of lists -” a creative journaling challenge for people who love to make lists” – hosted by Kam of Campfirechic.com and Amy of Lemonandraspberry.com.

Participating in the challenge was one of my 29 goals to accomplish before I turn 29. In order to make it easy and fun I decided to drag my sister along for the ride.

P1090983Everyday, for 30 days, I received a journaling prompt in the E-mail format. I then had to make a list in response to the prompt. I used an old journal for this challenge and decorated the pages with scraps of paper and Medha’s stickers. Few days into this challenge, Prasad bought a HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3540 printer, which I began using to print-out colorful images to go with my lists.

I’ll be posting some of the lists below.

It was my first time participating in a creative journaling challenge and my naivete might stand out in the following pictures, but I do hope I inspire you to give Daily journaling and memory-keeping a try.







P1090994A few more to go in my next post…

Picture #7 (As part of Picture365- a picture a day for 365 days)

pic #7

Do I look pretty in a Saree?

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