Medha as Heidi

Medha had Fancy-dress competition at school today. So for the past few days I’ve been racking my brain for ideas. Dora or a Princess seemed simple and doable. And then I saw the beautiful traditional Swiss dress my sister brought as a gift to Medha from Switzerland hanging in her closet. I decided to dress her as the Swiss character, Heidi. I learnt about Heidi from a children’s book of the same name Medha received from my sister.

Prasad, my sister, even a family friend pitched in and we taught her a line or two in German, prepared an egg basket as a prop for her.

She said her lines “Hallo ich bin Heidi. I’m Heidi and I come from Switzerland. Thank you!” pretty confidently at home. But, apparently, she felt too “shy” at school and hardly spoke a word. Still… we had fun preparing for the competition. Medha went around the house looking for embellishments to decorate her basket of eggs. She squealed with delight thinking about her friends and what they would be dressed as.

It didn’t come as a surprise that she wasn’t selected for the final round; she always forgets her lines on stage. I don’t blame her; I still suffer the jitters even thinking of having to face an audience. But I hope she continues to take part in such programs; It not only makes HER more confident but brings out the creativity hidden in every member of her family.

P1090974 P1090978 P1090979

One response to “Medha as Heidi”

  1. The costume looks so perfect with matching pair of socks and shoes and the pretty basket 🙂 Medha looks adorable too. It’s great that she did go on stage, I’m sure she will get there slowly from speaking a dialogue or two to giving a stunning performance. I know her Mum rocked the stage during school days both in Dance and Drama 🙂


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