A quiet Sunday here.

How are you all spending your Sunday? I hope you relaxed a bit and are ready to take on Mr. Monday (I have a love-hate relationship with him!). Me? I bade good-bye to my parents who left for Dubai this morning (I miss you amma appa!) and spent a quiet afternoon with my family at our farmhouse.

I carried my camera along as usual, but left the SD card at home, which is highly unusual, because I always make sure I have everything ready before I head out. Its built-in memory was full, so I had to use the camera on Prasad’s Samsung phone.

Am I crazy to be clicking pictures ALL THE TIME? Maybe.

I might’ve mentioned this before but photography helps me notice the beauty around me. In fact I SEEK out beauty (like looking at a Rose from up-close to capture the delicate layers formed by its petals, like noticing the lines in the sky formed by beams of light as the Sun sets behind clouds) just to make my pictures pretty. In my photography mode, even the mundane (like the transmission lines) appears stunning.





I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the pictures I took…





4 responses to “A quiet Sunday here.”

  1. I loved those pictures Manu. Were taken by the phone camera? And were the pics taken in your farm house? I would like to pay a visit some day. It’s very beautiful


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