2015 goals

“Finish” and “Health”– 2 simple words are my focus this year. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you know how much I enjoy setting goals for myself, starting new projects and signing up for classes. And…. you know how a minor setback or a vacation or a new development in my life can rattle my dogged discipline and steer me away from my goals. Sad, I know.

I want this year to be different. I’ve decided to constantly remind myself to FINISH what I began last year and see through the projects I start this year. That means some of the goals I set for myself in 2014 will be added to my goals for 2015. Here they are :

1. Participate in blogathon – which I’m doing right now, posting every single day in the month of January, if you haven’t noticed.

2. Participate in picture365 – taking a picture a day through the year and uploading them to my blog along with a few notes.

3. Participate in goodreads reading challenge – read and review 12 books.

4. Read the 6 Jane Austen novels – Sense and sensibility, Pride and prejudice, Emma, Northanger abbey, Mansfield park and Persuasion.

5. Finish onward and upward lessons.

6. Finish spark

7. Volunteer as a teacher

8. Visit the british council.

9. Potty-train madhav.

10. Learn all there is to know about Wedding/Couple photography.

11. Enroll in a Web Design class.

This is bound to take time, energy and patience.  And when there’s a lot going on, taking care of myself is the last thing on my mind. This year I want to change that. I want to make MY health a priority.

How can I be the best mom/wife I can be if I’m burnt-out all the time?

So in order to stay fit and sane on the journey towards accomplishing the goals mentioned above, I came up with a few rejuvenating resolutions like:

1. Eat a fruit when I crave for something sweet.

2. Eat breakfast! – and not brunch at 11 like I usually do.

3. Get a facial clean-up and hair conditioning done at the salon once every couple of months – ’cause there’s so much pollution around which is making my face look like the surface of the moon and my hair like a bunch of straw!

4. Learn to meditate from Prasad – just for about 5 minutes each day.

5. Watch the show SMASH season 1 –  to spark my creativity.

What are your goals for 2015?


(Our Garden has come alive with Roses of many hues, so I’m off to click more pictures…)

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