Letter to Madhav

This feature is inspired by Elise at eliseblaha.typepad.com. I plan to write a letter each to Medha and Madhav once every month.

Dear Madhav,

You had a slow start: You came out late; You crawled later; You began walking the latest. But now, it is as if you are trying to make up for all that lost time; You’re all over the place.


During the day, when you aren’t taking a nap, not a minute goes by when you aren’t moving. You push your walker or the Megacar around; You follow us around like a puppy dog; You make insane number of trips to the trash can to throw away dirt as tiny as a strand of hair lying on the floor. I feel dizzy just watching you go round and round.


You’re repeating the words we use. Not whole sentences yet, but just words. Plus, you imitate sounds of animals that your sister and I teach you. I mean, each sound sounds distinct! It’s amazing to watch you learn so fast.

It’s fun to hear the names you use to address everyone in the family. Your grandpas are “addha”, grandmas – “dhaddha”, Medha- “aadha”, papa- “abba”, Madhi- “baayi”, Srushti- “thitthi” and so on. “Addha” and “aadha” might look similar but we know who you’re talking about when you use one of them

You enjoy books as much as your sister does. Not the board books for babies that have a single word on each page, Nah, but the ones that have a sentence each, with colorful illustrations and words that sound funny.


I borrow a book each for the 3 of us at the library, which means you get your own book. You toss it into my lap, insisting that I read yours, whenever I read to Medha.



You enjoy spending time at the library. There, you sit at the tiny table and play with toy animals and puzzles for a while, pull books that are at your level and glance through them for another while. And, then start climbing the shelves or screaming about going round and round, which means if we stay a while longer we’ll be kicked out!

When I drive the car, it’s assumed that it’s you who sits beside me in the passenger seat, just as it’s me who sits next to papa, when he’s driving. You sit nowhere else. I strap you with the seat belt and you sit there the whole time without squirming. And I’m able to take you to a lot of places because of this.


Sometimes I take you along to pick Medha up from school. Going to her school absolutely thrills you. You won’t let me hang around with her teachers, trying to find out what the kids learnt for the day. All you care about is sitting on the toy that rocks back and forth, back and forth until the security personnel ask us to vacate the premises.

When I think about how in no time I must begin looking for a play-school for you (that will not happen for a while, anyway, since I’m having a tough time trying to potty-train you!), I feel so sad. You’re growing so fast and you’re my last baby.  Oh I’m going to miss these baby-years….

With you, I’m making sure I enjoy every bit of this stage, no matter how exhausted and sleepless I feel.

7 thoughts on “Letter to Madhav

  1. Fantastic way to express the feelings manasa. Well written, it is really awesome to see our kids natkats. Both ur kids are very cute. Hi I’m usha soni’s friend.


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