Day in the Life

Last year I participated in Ali Edwards’ “Week in the life” project and had fun documenting the small and big things that happened during a particular week. I’m hoping to take part in it once again this year. On a smaller scale I will be recording a day in our lives every month, in pictures and a bit of journaling. Another fun way of honoring the everyday moments.

October 17th didn’t start off well. Madhav was sick and clingy.


About 6ml of Crocin and a spoon of Pippalyasava later, he began moving around by himself and played with his colored markers (Thank you Madhi for your gift, even though it hardly serves the purpose it was intended to!). He himself came up with a new game with those markers; he tops his tiny fingers with their caps!P1090020

Not sure whether the English medicine or the Ayurvedic did the magic, but in no time Madhav became his usual, chirpy self.


As he played, I read “The Firestarter Sessions” for L&R Book Club on my Samsung tablet and jotted down copious amount of notes, right on my tablet. Love LOVE my Samsung Note 8.0 tablet! I think you know that by now!P1090026

After his breakfast, Madhav napped. Prasad and I headed out to the temple. We try to visit the beautiful Hanuman temple every Friday. (Benefits of living with our in-laws in India: We can visit temples whenever we want plus we can leave the kids with the in-laws and enjoy a ride on Prasad’s Royal Enfield, just the 2 of us!)


P1090013At the temple, all I could think of and pray for was my friend, whom I met (online) after a very long time.

Then it was time for me to work on a post. My friend, Seema wanted my opinion on E-reading Vs. Reading from printed books. Books- a topic I’m so passionate about; A line or two would not do justice to her query, I felt. As I wrote my reply I was in a flow and couldn’t stop myself. It felt post-worthy. After a lot of tweaking, I published it.

P1090018(Can you spot the crack on my laptop screen? I bet you can! That happened because Madhav pushed it off the table!)

Then it was time to pick Medha up from school. P1090029I was on a high after having posted in my blog, so I cooked a rich Vegatable Biryani with a side of Capsicum Salan.


I believe if I’m Happy, I can make everyone else happy!

As usual, we headed to the park in the evening, where the kids had an awesome time playing and I passed time chatting with the other moms.





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