Letter to Medha

This feature is inspired by Elise at eliseblaha.typepad.com. I plan to write a letter each to Medha and Madhav once every month.

Dear Medha,
You know a lot more people here than I do. You go along with your grandparents to every social event they get invited to. When I, occasionally, attend any, we are swarmed with people I have never seen before, who come to talk, not to me, but you. You break into a BIG smile that can totally melt any heart! You are even familiar with the doormen and waiters who work at some of the places you frequent. You are a socialite through and through.

When you aren’t at school or attending a party, you’re to be found at JustBooks. It’s a private library that has a good collection of readers and board books apart from the usual fiction and non-fiction for adults. JustBooks also provides us with a place to hang out on sunny afternoons or during the holidays, as there are no play areas or public libraries around for kids to spend time at, when it is too hot to play at the park.

You sit at the kids’ table flipping through books or assembling pieces of puzzle. I let you choose a book for yourself and another for your brother. You always go for Barbie books or books about princesses, and listen attentively through about 50 pages of text and illustrations as I read to you. That never fails to amaze me. Your monkey brain can’t concentrate on school stuff for more than 5 minutes!

Still, you are much better at letters and numbers than you were at the beginning of school year. And you show interest in learning them, which is way more important to me than what you’re learning. After the Dasara holidays you were thrilled to be back at school and when I asked why you were so keen, you said you like going to school “because I get knowledge there”!



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