Letter to Medha

This feature is inspired by Elise at eliseblaha.typepad.com. I plan to write a letter each to Medha and Madhav once every month.

Dear Medha,

We went to the Doctor’s yesterday to have your ear checked, because you complained of a pain in your right ear. Before the doctor checked and diagnosed it as a symptom of Cold and not an Ear Infection as I’d feared, the nurse checked your height and weight. I was pleased to note that you weighed 18.9 kg, a tad higher than the upper limit (18.1 kg) of the normal weight range of a girl your age in India. Even your height measured at the maximum limit of the range. You were always under-weight in the US. Grandparents’ pampering and playing at school are doing you good, I suppose.

Assessments are coming up in September and a whole list of syllabus to be taught to prepare you for them has been sent out. That list makes me nervous! So much to practice and so little time left (a little over 15 days)! I need to draw a plan. Instead of tackling the whole thing in the nth minute, I want to spend time breaking the lessons down, so you learn a bit each day. But how? And when? It’s hard enough, getting you to finish your homework! When will we find time to revise the lessons?


By the way, you had an awesome time with aunt Shruthi and baby-sister Shristi. Not a single day went by without us heading out to shop or to dine. You missed them for days after they left for the US. When she was here, you were so protective of baby Shristi from your brother, Madhav’s attacks. He was too jealous of her and snatched stuff from her and pulled her hair or whacked her left and right! But you cuddled and kissed her all the time. You even shared your favorite possessions with her, that you hardly ever allow Madhav to touch.

I think and hope Shristi will be much more than just a cousin. I think and hope she will be your best friend and a confidante (like MY sister is in MY life).

Medha and Shristi, sisters sharing gossip about their naughty bro!
Medha and Shristi, sisters sharing gossip about their naughty bro!



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