Letter to Madhav

This feature is inspired by Elise at eliseblaha.typepad.com. I plan to write a letter each to Medha and Madhav once every month.

Dear Madhav,

You turned 15 a few days ago, 15 months that is. At 15, you are tall and somewhat bony; You possess beaver-like sharp teeth that you sink into my skin when I’m not paying attention to you; You also possess long, wavy hair and a big, naughty smile. You don’t walk yet, but crawl like a pro. You can crawl real fast, sideways and even in reverse gear. Crawling comes easy to you, so you don’t put the effort needed to walk.

But hey, you did take a few steps sometime back. Your dad and aunt Shruthi said so. I was cooking then, so I missed it. But I believe them. You’re a bit on the slower side (You even came out about 10 days later than the due date, kicking and screaming. If you had your own way, you’d’ve chosen to come later than that, the doctor said!). Pretty soon, you will be walking and exploring and getting into trouble I’m sure. I truly don’t mind your being slow.

You’re so competitive, beating your 8 month old cousin in crawling races, demanding to be changed when I change Medha’s clothes and pointing at your forehead when I apply a bindi on her face. You fight a lot with your sis and don’t let her finish her homework; You snatch her stuff and make a ‘run’ for it. You’ve ‘Mischief’ written all over your face!

But when sis is fast asleep, you hold her tight and smother her with kisses. Of course, if she doesn’t wake up you whack her forehead until she does!

This Rakshabandhan I helped sis tie a Rakhi to your wrist in the hope that no matter what, you will be there for her, always.

It will be interesting to watch the brother-sister dynamics evolve as you both grow together.

Will you protect me bro?
Oh ok... First let me get this thing off me!
Oh ok… First let me get this thing off me!



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