Weekly update #1

Start of school

Medha is ready to start school and I’m pretty excited!  We bought her text- and note- books and she kept telling me how excited she is about school and her new books. We are both eagerly awaiting the start of a new phase in her life and I am so looking forward to teaching her (after learning… I will be re-learning with her!) from that bundle of knowledge.



As I spread her books on the floor to have their picture taken, Medha kept kissing them! Sooooo like me….

All the parents of future Dipsites (DPS students are called so.) were invited to attend an Orientation ceremony. And we were asked to arrange childcare for our kids. We understood why. The program ran an hour and a half and it was full of talks given by teachers about the school, its rules, their mission, safety policies etc.. I was bowled over by their “Parents as partners in progress” concept.They couldn’t stress more how much our kids imitate us and learn from us and what we can do to become good role models. Living in the US I had learnt this concept by watching how other moms interacted with their kids but to hear teachers in India emphasizing this was a real eye-opener of how far India has traveled from the days of corporal punishment and rote learning at school.

I was relieved to hear that it was OK for Medha to start nursery without prior understanding of letters and numbers. Having been to a playschool in the US, Medha at 4 isn’t capable of writing letters or counting numbers like kids in India do. There, she just played and sang and danced and talked and crafted. Playschools here in India are mini-schools where education is placed importance over free-play. Thus I was worried about her not having had a head start. Now I know she will be fine. She might lag her friends at school but eventually she will get there. By the way, my little girl will have learnt reading and writing capital and small letters, numbers and 2-letter words by the end of this academic year! Fantastic eh? And scary too!

Project 29 Update

I cleaned up my inbox, bringing the total number of emails down from over 3000 to about 300. Phew! There were too many forwards and promotional mails that I hadn’t even bothered to open and read. Also, there were a ton of mails from friends and family which I’d read but would not read again. So I simply deleted them all- one by one- Click. Delete. Click. Delete.

Now I have separate folders for mails from the online classes I joined and the creativity blogs I subscribed to. That way I can reach them whenever I need to without having to rummage through my inbox.

I finished reading “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone”. A book about a new beginning (of a life at Hogwarts school) and adventure ( saving the sorcerer’s stone from the vicious hold of Lord Voldemort). What a book to read as I begin my own new life and adventure in India! It went well with the cloudy weather we’ve been experiencing here in Hyderabad.

A lost phone

I lost my phone recently. But I’m not missing it much. In fact I’m loving the fact that I’ve become more productive since the moment it abandoned me. I’m not spending all my time checking mails, whatsapp messages and facebook updates. All that free time at hand means I’m tearing through the Harry Potter series and working to organize and decorate my new home.

Down with fever

Madhav was down with fever. The doctor at Rainbow Hospital diagnosed it as Pharyngitis, an airborne infection of the throat. A couple of days with fever was enough for the doctor to warrant a prescription of antibiotics to my year old. In the US it had been hard to squeeze a prescription out of our pediatrician. He believed our bodies, even teeny tiny ones, were equipped with defense mechanism to fight diseases (He did advocate administering vaccinations, thank god!) and antibiotics were considered a last resort. I kinda like that idea but I also like that relief is easily available here. It would’ve been hard to watch our baby fight his disease without the aid of an antibiotic.

Now everyone at home is glad Madhav is back to his usual, cheerful, bunny-teeth showing self.

6 responses to “Weekly update #1”

  1. Even I am soo excited for Medha,,I hope she gets to make many many new friends and be the “sweetest person” in the school just like her mom 🙂
    Good one Manu..really loved your blog 🙂


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