Madhav at one.

Facts about Madhav at 1 :

Madhav at 4 months old.
Madhav at 4 months old.

1. At age 1 he is still crawling, which means he hasn’t begun getting into bigger trouble or exploring farther, which’s good. But crawling also means he acts as a mop, cleaning the dirt off the floors of shops or houses that we visit, which means a lot of cleaning work for me.


2. He prefers rice (or ground finger millet) with yogurt over a piece of birthday cake and chews with his tiny incisors which makes him look like an old man when he’s eating! Cute!

I don't want no cake! Gimme my rice!
I don’t want no cake! Gimme my rice!

3. He still wakes me up a couple of times at night. Not so cute!

4. Capping a bottle or a pen is his most favorite game. He can play it all day long. It is fun to watch his eyes light up and a big smile spread across his face in elation every time he gets it right.

5. He opens his mouth wide with a loud “aaa…” when we ask him to show what’s inside.

6. There’s a cane seat he loves to sit upon. He thinks it is his potty. So every time he is seated there he HAS to go!

7. Madhav just loves to sort through his sister’s pink bag full of colorful accessories. No matter what he’s been doing, he tosses aside and speeds towards her when she takes it out to get ready.

8. He wants just the thing his sister is holding and will fight to get it!

9. Madhav is the happiest when dad returns home from work and the angriest if he doesn’t pick him up and cuddle!

10. He recently started calling me “Amma” and and uses it every few minutes to see whether I respond. (Or to hear how impressive it sounds as it bubbles out of his pressed lips!).

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