Fun at Farmhouse.

My in-laws have a farmhouse in the outskirts of Hyderabad. It is pretty, has a lush green lawn in the front and is located far from the din of the city. We don’t spend as much time there as we should because it is still not stocked with the amenities required for a longer stay (plus, it is occasionally visited by snakes!). We go there to have it cleaned or repaired or to have a look at the vegetable and fruit garden.

A farmer and his family manages the house and the sprawling garden on the property. Drumsticks, Eggplants, Tomatoes, Tamarind, Herbs and Mangoes grow in abundance and we all enjoy plucking the bounty to eat right away or to bring them home to cook.

When an opportunity for a visit to the farmhouse presented itself recently I embraced it. It had been long since I’d taken good pictures of my kids and there hadn’t been an occasion to use my big camera. I got the camera and the kids ready and off we went.

for blog 1

While my mother-in-law checked on the premises I enjoyed the beautifu; weather and my kids at play. The lighting was perfect to “shoot” my kids; it was just before sunset, so it wasn’t awfully bright to make the kids squint or sweat and it wasn’t dark to impel the use of flash ( which I’m not so fond of!). And they were so playful, to this photographer’s delight. So I stepped back and let them have a jolly time. Adjusting the setting of my camera to iA (Intelligent Auto, an automatic setting because I had no time to manually operate when the kids were in motion. Anyways, my goal is to record their activities and not worry about whether I’m being a good photographer or not.) I clicked away.








My firstborn fueled the love for photography in me. And now, my second and his vivacity have strengthened my passion for recording our lives through pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them.

3 responses to “Fun at Farmhouse.”

  1. Wish I was there playing with those priceless darlings.
    Thanks for the pictures and the write up. LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT


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