My number 1 goal

I’ve been feeling down lately. Reading other blogs and wondering whether I’ll ever come up to them fill my time. I know it’s not the right attitude; measuring myself against the giants of blogging will only make me feel tiny. It isn’t helpful either. I must snap out of it. But I’m unable to.

Everyday I write, go for morning walks with my husband, feed the kids ( an activity that gobbles up about half my day!), get chores around the house done, read books to Medha from my tablet, organize story-time for my kids and a little girl from the neighborhood, play at the park. Sometimes, when I’ve accomplished most of the tasks on my to-do list or when I post in my blog, I feel like my day has been productive. But there are days when I’m gripped with a strange fear- that I’m wasting away my potential, my life; that I’ll die with my dreams unrealized and my passion unpursued.

My passion (currently) is writing. Reflecting on my thoughts, choosing the right words to transform them into sentences and seeing them in print, even if it is just digital and read only by a few brings me incalculable amount of joy. When I clearly know what my passion is I must do whatever it takes to realize it, shouldn’t I? Lately I haven’t been able to. It isn’t that I’m too busy. So?

I know I must not sit around waiting for someone to push me towards my goal of becoming a freelance writer. Oops… I said it. My dream. I think I took the FIRST step towards realizing it by acknowledging it. I owned it. I made it mine, but I made it public too. I’ve made myself accountable to you-

Writing about the lessons I’ve learnt and the experiences I’ve had and inspiring and teaching interested folks along the way or Teaching and Motivating through my Writing – is what I truly want to do in my life.

No more wondering and worrying. I must get a pen and paper out and make a list of all the little tasks that need to be done to get published.


6 responses to “My number 1 goal”

  1. You’ve posted a huge number of posts so you obviously don’t lack any sort of work ethic, and from what I’ve read so far, you write extremely well. I sincerely hope you follow your writing ambitions. I’ve left it until my mid fifties to follow mine but I’m still determined to give it my best..

    Sincere regards,


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