Enjoy it- a blog I love

My blog has readers other than just my family members! It has a decent following. People spend time (their precious time!!!) reading what I write and without force (I have to resort to it to make my husband read my posts ‘ cause he is a good critic and lets me know when my writing doesn’t flow or the topic I’ve picked to write about doesn’t resonate with many. But he’s lazy!). I thank one and all with all my heart. I’m still a newborn in Blogland and I have a long way to go before I do justice to the readership I have. But I’m trying….

There’s one blog I follow regularly (I mean I read her posts hot off the press!) and it is a personal and craft blog by Elise Blaha Cripe called enJOY it. She sells rubber stamps (used for crafting and memory-keeping) and handmade home decor products. She teaches quilting and goal-keeping and writes about her life in her blog. She has also started a podcast called Elise Gets Crafty where she talks about creativity, blogging, small-business, staying motivated and all the things that she’s passionate about. She’s a mother, a business owner, a superwoman and my role model.

I read her blog (No,’ I devour her blog’ would be appropriate. I have dreamt of consuming the words and wonderful photographs on her blog to assimilate them in my bloodstream so that one day, hopefully, my blog becomes half as good as hers.) to educate myself in the art of blogging. And since a blog is a window to a person’s life, I’m learning how she lives her life too. She sets personal and business goals for herself and documents her journey towards achieving them. As she mentions in her “about” page, “Have a goal? Write it down. Then set a plan and make it happen.” And the way she tackles a goal that seems ginormous and stares at you is to write down all the steps needed to reach the goal and then break those mini-goals (steps)  down further . What you are left with is a set of teeny weeny things-to-do , which, accomplished one after another, leads you to the goal. It’s so simple. I’ve tried and it works.

Her writing and photography are so honest and detailed they’ve taught me to stay mindful, to pay attention to my ordinary life loaded with simple pleasures and to capture everyday moments with my camera. They have taught me to fill my day to its brim with the things and activities I love.

A quote found in Elise’s blog page

I always wonder how she’s able to do so many things like making 12 different handmade products in limited edition of 29 or 290 and selling them each month before she turns 29 or sewing her own clothes or setting up a podcast and interviewing other creatives or growing a vegetable garden with a baby in tow and a husband, a doctor in the US Navy. Where does she get all the energy or time from? I aspire to be like her.

At times I have published posts just for the heck of it or to keep up my commitment to posting regularly. Reading those posts make me cringe at my pathetic, half-baked writing. But Elise posts 6 days a week, yet pours her heart into each one of them. I’m passionate about writing and photography and through Elise and her blog I’m learning to generate ideas and produce clear, original content. Do me (& yourself) a favor (please!), head over to her blog and peruse her archives. You’ll be glad you did.



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